Internal Poll Shows Donald Trump Generating Strong Support Among Minority Voters – “LANDSLIDE”

It is said to have been an internal poll conducted by one of Donald Trump’s GOP rivals. (one of the campaigns that is currently cash-rich but tepid in the polls) A quick “test the water” outline in some of the more critical battleground states. What came back stunned not only the campaign, but sent ripples through various Democratic operatives as well who have since been sending out the alarm – Donald Trump is appealing to minority voters in a way not seen by any Republican of the modern era. It is a base of support cutting through a cross-section of normally divided demographics that could result in a 2016 Trump Landslide.


Here is what a D.C. Whispers source had to say regarding the Trump polling data rumor:

“It’s still hush-hush, but enough mouths are moving to make it credible. It apparently started with some Florida numbers by the leading candidate down there. They had been warned their numbers were slipping and the campaign decided to confirm. They received more than confirmation. What they came back with were numbers that elevated Donald Trump’s support among minorities beyond anything they thought was possible. This initiated an order of three more internal polls of other battleground states and the results were very similar – Donald Trump is making significant gains across the board with minority voters. In just two months he has done what Republicans have been crying about doing for the last several years. It’s remarkable. It also means the media, who likely already knows about the polling data, will be throwing everything they can at the Trump campaign to topple it once and for all. They cannot allow a candidate who is overturning all of the established rules of what a Republican is and isn’t. Democrats want him gone. Republicans want him gone. The only ones who appear to want him to stay is a growing number of supporters representing a surprisingly large percentage of the American public.”

As impossible as it might sound to some that a Republican could do so well with minority voters as Donald Trump is alleged to be doing, there does appear to be evidence of such support throughout various alternative media sources. Mr. Trump continues to bypass or simply talk over the traditional media that continues to try and topple his now leading the polls, campaign and it is an effort that is generating, at least for now, considerable minority support:


© 2015 Author Richard Skeet

  1. Bosco says:

    Nice to read this . Hope it just keeps growing !

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