DONALD TRUMP DOMINATES in Arizona- 27% of vote (in a 17 person race) – 62% Favorability.

(Funny… Everyplace Donald Trump goes, success follows…)

The exact question was phrased, “If the election were held today for the Republican primary for President of the United States, which of the following top 10 candidates, listed in alphabetical order by last name, would you be most likely to vote for?”

AZ GOP Presidential Primary 2016 July 29, 2015 Results
Jeb Bush 12.1%
Ben Carson 8.7%
Chris Christie 1.7%
Ted Cruz 6.0%
Mike Huckabee 3.9%
Rand Paul 1.7%
Rick Perry 2.0%
Marco Rubio 3.9%
Donald Trump 26.5%
Scott Walker 12.6%
Unsure/Undecided 21%



© 2015 Author Richard Skeet


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