Donald Trump VS Megyn Kelly – WELCOME TO THUNDERDOME!

Two men enter; one man leaves. Dying time’s here. Finally, the event of the summer, The Fox News Republican Debates.


She’s so fucking hot.


Megyn Kelly’s intelligence and cunning eclipse even her beauty. She’s not your typical talking head; she’s an attorney, a fierce one. She’s smarter than anyone in the Fox News organization; probably any talking-head on TV.

I enjoy watching her, even in loops: Candle light; romantic music; TV sound off; close-up of her lips, in slow motion, hand lotion nearby…

Damn is she fine.

There’s a rumor: Donald Trump sent a surrogate friend, (Rudy Giuliani,) with an olive branch to try and persuade Megyn Kelly not to attack Donald; not to attempt to interject her power into the debate, (become an eleventh candidate on the stage.)

Let me make one thing clear, Megyn Kelly has a right, and an obligation, to ask tough questions of all the candidates, but, I fear what will occur tomorrow will go beyond that.

Megyn Kelly has climbed to the highest rungs on the Fox-News ladder. She’s earning 6 million a year; she’s worth more.

Sheppard Smith (10 million) and Bill O’Reilly (18 million); two overrated no-tallent douchebags earn more?

They are no fun to watch.

Her assent has been fast and steady, if she could destroy Trump, in the highest-rated TV debate perhaps ever, she may gain easy access to a higher rung on the Fox ladder.


Rupert Murdoch, The Australian-born businessman who owns Fox, who has conned many American people into the false narrative of “fair and balanced,” the TRUTH: Fox News is a mouthpiece of the moderate/neocon establishment Republicans; conservatives and outsiders need not apply.

Fox News’ upper management wants Trump gone. Megyn Kelly wants more money and power. Donald Trump is walking into an ambush…

BUT, that’s not why I’m writing this.

I like Megyn Kelly, she’s smart, funny, charismatic, and drop-dead gorgeous.

We’ve shared some intimate moments.

I fear for Megyn Kelly’s career; she should too.

What do I mean?

Trump is not Sarah Palin VS Katie Couric. Katie destroyed Sarah:

I’m glad she did. I like Sarah, but she lacked the bandwidth to be president.

No. To destroy Trump, in a format like this 10-person debate; a format which should showcase Donald Trump’s intelligence, experience, persuasive ability- the only way to do this would be to knock him off his game. The only way to do that, would be an unfair question, so beyond the realm of what should be admissible, so beyond a civil debate, that it creates rage.

How will Trump react to righteous anger?
On national television?
In front of a hostile audience?
We don’t know.

Is it legitimate?
Is this fair game?

No. Not on a debate stage. A fair hit would be to release a story, then ask a candidate to explain himself after he’s gathered his thoughts. It’s not fair to ask a ridiculous question, with the sole intent to create rage, in the middle of a live debate.

What does this have to do with running the country?
The ability to handle being humiliated unfairly in front of a bunch of people?

Newt Gingrich is smart. He fought back well; got applause; the pundit looked like an asshole.

Trump, however, is a-whole-lot meaner than Gingrich. He knows where the soft spots are. If he’s attacked, he hits back much harder than the punch thrown.

Rage is a normal emotion; adrenaline’s a normal hormone; Donald Trump has an abundance of adrenaline coursing through his veins, enough to move a bus.

I’m NOT writing this to protect Donald.
I’m writing this to protect sexy Kelly;
writing this to preserve all the good times we’ve shared together.

Trump, as smart as he is, knows this cheap shot, this “gotcha” question is coming. Trump has probably started compiling a Kelley file- (no not her TV show,) a file on how-to go nuclear on Megyn Kelly.

Destroying any man on that stage, Trump wouldn’t think twice about it. A bunch of losers collecting government checks.

Destroying any of the pundits asking questions, without regrets; no sweat. Chris Wallace? Bret Baier? Who cares if they go down?

Destroying Megyn Kelly?
A beautiful, talented, ambitious woman with a promising career that’s only begun to blossom. That’s a tragedy.

When Trump wins this debate, the other nine men on the stage with him are finished (except for vice-president Cruz.) There may not be a need for any more debates.

But if Megyn Kelly attempts to destroy Trump, I promise, her career is over; she’s finished.

I do not know what she’ll hit Trump with, or how hard it will be. I do know that Trump has the resources and the cunning to fight back. He will be prepared. If she tries to take him out, he will retaliate; she won’t survive.

Some see Rudy Giuliani approaching Kelly and asking for a reprieve as a sign of Trump’s weakness; I don’t.

Rick Perry, George Will, Lesley Graham- these men are finished. They’ll never be the same; walking dead, skeletons of their former selves. Their careers are over.

Trump doesn’t want this for Megyn, neither do I. I’m hoping she realizes what’s at stake here…

If she decides to go beyond: a moderator with intelligent questions, to an actual combatant; if she decides to enter the death match, I fear for her.

Rick Perry will forever be known as the candidate who put on glasses to look smarter. Perry was the governor of the second-largest state in the nation.

Now, Perry walks bow-legged; Preparation H nearby at all times. Broke-back perry, loose in the saddle.

I hope Megyn stays out of the fray; decides to walk straight. She’s fun to spend time with; fun to watch.

© 2015 Author Richard Skeet


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