Donald Trump SMOKES Hillary in Missouri


From Public Policy Polling Release:

…In 2008 the Presidential race was basically a tie in Missouri (Obama nearly defeated Mccain)…

…Missouri does present more evidence of the threat a Donald Trump independent bid could pose to the Republican Party though. He (TRUMP) actually beats out Jeb Bush as a third party candidate, getting 30% to 29% for Bush with Clinton leading the way at 34%….

This is the first state poll showing Hillary losing to Trump in a general election. (Which of course can’t happen because Trump’s not a real candidate.)

Question: What would a real candidate look like?

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 8.58.41 AM

Read complete poll results here:

“Hill’s ain’t Bill!”
“Stay out of them Bushes and leave the Hill’s alone!”
Have a laugh with the Viewers View:

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  1. TwoLaine says:

    Missouri has seen their state destroyed by the People In Power (PIP). They are back to attempt to gut it again, as we always knew they would be.

    This tells me that Missourians are smart to know they CANNOT GIVE THIS TO HILL OR BILL! Bernie or Jeb!

    And it gives me HOPE that American Citizens are finally waking up!

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    • Thanks for posting!!!

      I like this because it shows for the first time a crack in the bullshit narrative that Trump only appeals to 30% of the base…. BULLSHIT. Trump is a powerful candidate, he will steamroll Clinton just like he’s steamrolling Jeb.

      I wish the media would do its job and release all the polls it has done. I guarantee Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC have done a-lot of research, they are only releasing the polls that allow them to spin their narrative.

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