Rand Paul is out of money, will soon drop out of the race. Why’s he attacking Trump? #GOPeSHILL

rand shorts

It’s been a brutal summer for the Paul campaign.

Fundraising has been disappointing. His poll numbers are heading south. Pundits panned his debate performance last week. And a pair of close Paul associates were indicted by the feds.

Now there are questions are swirling about whether Paul will be able to run for reelection to his Senate seat in Kentucky if his campaign for president fizzles out.

“I’ve thought Rand has been in trouble for awhile,” said GOP strategist Doug Heye, a former Republican National Committee official.

Presidential rival Ted Cruz, a fellow senator and Tea-Party favorite, has sapped some of Paul’s support, Heye said, and the libertarian-leaning Paul “didn’t come off particularly well” sparring with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie last week over the NSA’s collection of phone records.

“Rand’s support has fallen,” Heye added, “and it’s clear that Cruz is ahead of Rand.”

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This is a call to action! It’s clear Rand Paul has been asked to “take one for the team;” this is the only possible reason he’s decided to spend his energy and resources attacking Trump. If you’re a patriot who supports Trump, or if you’re just sick of the GOP establishment using paid shills to fight their battles, spread this message to the ends of the Earth!

First came Rick Perry
Then came Lesley Graham

Now there’s Rand Paul on a suicide mission. UNACCEPTABLE. If Jeb Bush wants to fight, make him fight, NO MORE SURROGATES!

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  2. […] Rand Paul, (polling at sub 5%, nearly out of money,) has decided to step in front of Donald Trump’s […]


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