Donald Trump- Meet The Press with Chuck Todd – Full Interview – 8/16/2015

I’ve ALWAYS hated the concept of abortion.
Planned parenthood MUST stop abortions.
TAKE the oil, use the money for the vets.
Saudi Arabia should PAY us for protection.
South Korea should PAY us for protection.
Germany should LEAD charge in Ukraine.
John Kerry is incompetent.
I would police the Iran-Deal contract with a FINE-TOOTH comb.
Obama has let Israel down.
I’m not a talker; I’m a doer; play cards close to vest.
Obama should have taken the 5-million dollars.
If you’re a conservative; you have to fight for your life.
I’m fine with affirmative action.
Lower taxes.
We need to bring in, and take back jobs.
Better than Reagan; better than ANYBODY.
I will beat Hillary Clinton.
I love this country; I want to make it great again.

© 2015 Author Richard Skeet

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