Donald Trump Interview  Years Ago- Has he changed?

WNET INTERVIEW. Not sure exactly when this interview takes place, roughly 1987 is my best guess.

Listen to Donald Trump speak with authority on his NON-GLOBALIST, AMERICA-FIRST foreign and domestic policy. The message is the same now, as it was then.

Donald Trump is a REAL conservative. A conservative forged in the FURNACE of real life. Fuck Ted Cruz. Fuck all the other “book” conservatives, forged in the Rush Limbaugh globalist ECHO-chambers. They’ve been stuck in the 80s.

Donald Trump: “I want to TAX JAPAN, GERMANY, SAUDI ARABIA: I don’t want to tax you.

…This country needs major surgery.

I’m tired of so called “Conservatives” who believe Ted Cruz is better because he sounds more-like Reagan. I loved Reagan, IT’S A DIFFERENT TIME! Open up your mind and listen.

Donald Trump is the smartest guy in the room.

Donald Trump loves this country..

Donald Trump has the media savvy to control arguments and news cycles.

Donald Trump has the ability to draw HUGE crowds and change the face of this election, and the Republican party.

Donald Trump will always put AMERICA first.

Donald Trump is FEARLESS.

Donald Trump is not beholden to ANYONE.

Compared to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz is nothing but an oily, Canadian lawyer.


© 2016 Author Richard Skeet

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