Donald Trump and Wolf Blitzer- Interview- 1/6/2016

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Donald Trump and Wolf Blitzer- Interview- 1/6/2016

Part 1

North Korea
Ted Cruz

Part 2

Saudi Arabia



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  1. CHERYL55 says:

    Great interview as usual!! I would really love to see Mr. Trump politely point out the huge differences between him and Ted Cruz. Cruz has voted to reduce funding for the military, Cruz has always been for Amnesty AND citizenship… he even argued on the congress floor that his amendment was NOT a Poison pill but rather something everyone could agree gives both citizenship while ensuring it was not done to create voters for the Democratic Party.. NOW when it serves him and his Iowa chances he LIES? And says that is exactly why he did it… to make sure the Bill did NOT get passed? When was he lying? Then or NOW! I would say NOW. Finally, anyone who believes that Cruz is not going to be as big of a PUPPET to his donors as the others better think again! There is a STARK difference between Donald Trump AND Ted Cruz. While Rush, Hannity and Levin want to say that Trump has a right to hit Cruz on the issues but not personally….let’s just see if they put their air time where their mouths are when Trump does just that! Voters either WANT the strongest candidate on our borders and ILLEGALS and one that works for them and not the special interest or they don’t?? As far as the Evangelical’s Ted Cruz just as Donald Trump is NOT Evangelical… As far as that goes both are Christians,that said it should have little to NOTHING to do with the competence, history of success,and common sense ideas the candidate has for improving the country. There is not a single person ANYWHERE who can say that Donald Trump is not the hardest working,most committed candidate in this race. He is doing interviews at 6:30AM throughout the day, rallies at night until way after midnight arriving back home and then going on to twitter to thank his supporters and straighten out those who are trying to trash him….the others? Well, they have staff going around county to county (including Cruz) but they in person are NOT working anywhere NEAR the long daunting hours Trump is putting in to his commitment. As to Cruz and his naturalized citizen issue…. It appears to be very clear that the Framers feared those born in foreign countries should not be able to come here and influence by taking office in OUR country…when they interpreted it to say that if the PARENTS, plural as in BOTH parents are born in the US then that too would be acceptable. In Cruz’s case his father was NOT born in this country and neither was Cruz,which sets up the fear that someone from another country with allegiance TO THAT country would marry someone from the US, raise their child with the same allegiance to the foreign country they came from and at some point we would allow them to lead our country? I do not think that is what the Framers believed and I do believe that is what they wanted to avoid. McCain was very different…. BOTH of his parents were Americans and were serving this country outside the country when their child was born…. the allegiance was here..But I believe Mr Trump should let someone else make that argument… and they should make that argument!

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