Watch Donald Trump Online: Speech, Rally, Event- Reno, Nevada- 1/10/2016

Great speech! HILARIOUS! Lots of new material!

Probably his best speech ever!

“I know the other candidates…
NONE of them have ever spent 700 million dollars in Nevada.”

“If we win IOWA, I think we run the table.”

Ted Cruz is like Hillary Clinton…. BOTH HAVE A CLOUD OVER THEIR HEAD.

“I made 213 million on The Apprentice. Is that SICK??”

“Hillary for prison.”

“Surrounded by doctors, no thanks to OBAMACARE.”

“A lot of people think you need to be born in the land, NOT born in Canada,
and Cruz was born in Canada.”

“FOOTBALL has become SOFT.”

“Kick the SHIT out of ISIS quickly.”



© 2016 Author Richard Skeet

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