the walking ted

Notice anything different about Ted?

…Like autumn leaves his sense fell from him
An empty glass of himself shattered somewhere within
His thoughts like a hundred moths
Trapped in a lampshade
Somewhere within
Their wings banging and burning
On through endless night
Forever awake he lies shaking and starving
Praying for someone to turn off the light…


Ted Cruz has lost some spring to his step; not the same man he was a week ago. Cruz has been punked.

To be clear: I’m using the prison definition of punked. Ted has the look of a weak man, who’s been locked in a prison cell for a few weeks, with a much larger man, who likes THE CANADIAN’S pleasing fragrance.


Deep voice: “MMM,

is that maple syrup I smell?”

A week later, a worn out Ted: sold at auction, bound in electrical tape, ball in his mouth. A worn package of cigarettes to the crips’ gang.


Poor bow-legged bastard.

Watch this clip of Ted Cruz being endorsed by Glenn Beck. Notice Ted’s body language: hands in pockets, face full of doubt. Ted Cruz KNOWS it’s over; death spiral; no way out.


Been a hell of a week for oily Ted: Trump’s Palin endorsement, Trump’s Jerry Falwell Jr. “endorsement;” the governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad, urging Iowans NOT to vote for Ted, Trump’s new attacks….

50% of Ted Cruz’s support abandoned him in 6 days!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.36.31 AM

(Most Cruz supporters are whores, searching for a new Ben Carson, because Trump has too-much testosterone for their beta-male sensibilities. After the complete Carson collapse, they jumped to Cruz, now they’ll look for someone new.)

Additionally, Ted suffered a TOTAL collapse in Iowa. To be clear, with an Iowa defeat: there is no possible road to victory for globalist Ted.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 6.00.15 AM

Donald Trump does not need an Iowa victory, Ted does. Without an Iowa victory, all of Ted’s money dries up, money he would need to run an effective Southern campaign. Without an Iowa victory, the press stops following him. Without an Iowa victory, Cruz loses ALL momentum.


walking ted close

A zombie is a dead person walking. They retain the appearance of the former host, but, the soul is gone. Good bye Ted.

BTW… In the future here’s a little advice for Mr. Cruz: try not to look defeated even if you are. Maybe they never taught you this at Harvard; maybe you never needed to learn this in all the government jobs you’ve had; maybe you should have learned how to play poker, I hear Americans are much better players than CANADIANS.

Cruz also angered a number of upperclassmen his freshman year when he joined in a regular poker game and quickly ran up $1,800 in debt to other students from his losses. Cruz’s spokeswoman, Catherine Frazier, said Cruz acknowledges playing in the poker games, which he now considers “foolish.”
“He went to his aunt, who worked at a bank in Dallas, and borrowed $1,800 from her, which he paid in cash and promptly quit the game,” Frazier told The Daily Beast, explaining that Cruz worked two jobs and made monthly payments to his aunt for the next two years to repay the debt.


© 2016 Author Richard Skeet

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  1. Bosco says:

    I sure hope that the beck deal, is the deal to break the cruzz ‘s back.

    Liked by 1 person

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