Fox News decided, UNWISELY, to mess with Donald Trump while he was making a decision to go to this final, PRE-IOWA debate.


Rand Paul?
He’s back?

With IOWA a few days away, isn’t it a BIT ridiculous to be hosting a debate with TWELVE candidates? 12? Is Fox TRYING to create a brokered convention?

At this stage in the process, ONLY first-TIER candidates should be allowed.
Donald Trump’s ALONE in the first tier in New Hampshire and Nationally, shares first Tier with Cruz in IOWA.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.23.29 AM

DONALD TRUMP, All alone in first tier in New Hampshire. Second Tier: Kasich, and two candidates not eligible to run: (anchor-baby Marco Rubio, and CANADIAN Ted.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.23.55 AM

In Iowa, Donald Trump is the ONLY natural born citizen in the first or second tier.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.27.02 AM

Nationally, Trump is the ONLY Natural born citizen in the first or second tier.


SO… Fox should arrange a two hour debate between Trump and Kasich. Trump should not attend any more debates with candidates not in first or second tier or ineligible candidates.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.46.14 AM

Why make FOX rich?
Why give 11 LOSERS free publicity?
Donald Trump is making the RIGHT decision to snub them. WHO do they think they’re messing with?

Trump’s supporters are loyal, we’ve chosen OUR candidate. All you motherfuckers at FOX, and in the GOP establishment, do your job and choose YOUR guy. CHOOSE a candidate to compete with Trump. Iowa’s in just a few days, you’re out of time. We’re still waiting to see this “Trump competitor,” does he exist?


© 2016 Author Richard Skeet

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