Donald Trump, the SECOND Presidential candidate to have earned his OWN Hollywood-Walk-of-Fame “Star.”
(Ronald Reagan is the other.)

Star Power.

What is “STAR POWER?”

Star Power: the ability of a celebrity to guarantee success in a project with their involvement.

Many see a celebrity, like Jim Carey for example, and see the salary they command for a movie role, (10 million,) and say to themselves, “isn’t he lucky to get paid so much?” I see the world a bit differently. From my perspective, there’s only one reason someone pays a salary to an individual: because the profit gained will be substantially more for the person or corporation signing the check. So, when I hear Trump got paid over 200 million for The Apprentice, KNOW: NBC made BILLIONS from the endeavor. NBC was SMART to pay Donald Trump 200-million. Donald Trump has the ability to deliver RATINGS.

Donald Trump has so many talents, has had so much UNBELIEVABLE success, in so many fields, it’s hard for many to focus on all of them:

  1. Best Selling Author. He’s written many books, and sold huge numbers of them.
  2. Entrepreneur. Started many companies, made a fuck-ton of money.
  3. CEO/Leader. Hires people; fires people; motivates people to do their best work; created a corporate culture.
  4. Stock Market Investor/Speculator. For shits and giggles, Trump has made millions playing the stock market.
  5. Real Estate Speculator/Investor. Has bought and held land and real estate for returns at a future date.
  6. Builder. Created phenomenal projects, some from the ground up, others receiving needed facelifts, upgrades, ETC…
  7. Negotiator/Deal Maker. Proven ability to SQUEEZE rivals for the best price.
  8. Fundraiser with a MASSIVE Rolodex. Can make a few phone calls and raise billions.
  9. Headline Grabber, Social Media Master. A Master of making headlines, soundbites, self-promotion, and staying on message.
  10. Strategic Thinker. A chess player AND a poker player.
  11. Problem Solver. Sees a problem, creates a solution EVEN if it’s controversial.
  12. Philanthropist. Has given MILLIONS to charities and causes.
  13. Success/motivational speaker. (Highest paid political speaker in America. Earns 1.5 MILLION per speech.)
  14. TV STAR. Donald Trump earned over 200-MILLION dollars for his role in The Apprentice.

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last few days, you know Donald Trump has decided to not attend the Fox News Republican Debate scheduled for tonight: January 28, 2016. Some people think it’s a mistake, a strategic blunder. Others are saying Trump’s “afraid to debate” and that he owes it to the people of Iowa to show up…


I have a different perspective, see if you can keep up.



Watched the first Fox News debate; watched the pre-debate specials (where everyone attacked Trump;) watched the debate, (highest-rated Presidential debate of all time;) watched almost every debate question directed as an attack on Trump; watched the hand-picked rival-packed crowds; watched Trump DOMINATE the debate; watched the post-debate spin: “Trump lost the debate,” (starting with the PHONY Frank Luntz’ focus group.)

After the first Fox News Debate, I felt strongly Trump should pull out of all subsequent debates as: they benefit him little, and give his rivals a free ride on his coattails. Donald Trump is like Metallica showing up to a “battle of the bands” competition with a bunch of unknown performers, (who hate him.) Because Trump is there, the unknown bands get massive, unearned exposure. Without Trump: 3 million people watch; with Trump: 24 million watch. 18 MILLION people watching loser Rand Paul, VS 3 million. Yet Trump gains little from the event.

Symbiotic relationship: a relationship between two things mutually advantageous to both. Example: those stupid birds that ride on the back of African animals, eating ticks and mites off their backs. The elephant benefits; the bird benefits.

africa elephants

Parasitic relationship: a relationship between two things where only one party benefits from sucking the energy, blood, life from another. Example: BLOOD-SUCKERS like mosquitoes.

Original caption: (Aedes aegypti) Mosquitoes serve as vectors for several diseases including malaria, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis, and viral encephalitis. --- Image by © Bryan Reynolds/Science Faction/Corbis

Donald Trump has the ability to draw crowds, to draw ratings; people enjoy listening to him. Charisma, intelligence, message, humor, a combination of many different things. Donald Trump does not need the GOP Debates to get his message to the people, the other candidates do. When Trump shows up to debates, the other candidates get heard by 8XS as many people.trump-rally-mississippi-2

With biased moderators, biased questions, biased spin both before and after, the debates have been used to “artificially inflate” competing candidates. I remember the second debate, watching annoying, angry, fembot Carly Fiorina regurgitate her drivel:



BLAH BLAH BLAH “Rebuild the sixth fleet.” 

Watched that debate; Fiorina: caustic, fake, unlikable, bitter, and angry. Trump: funny, nimble, real, and intelligent. In the exchange between the two, Trump eviscerated her.

Yet the headlines and the pundits said she won?


Seen her poll numbers lately?

If Carly won a single debate, where’s the proof?

But the press WAS able to spin her into a temporary rise in the polls; ultimately the truth won out. America took a good long look: Carly has an UGLY persona.

The debates represent a parasitic relationship for Donald Trump, he owes the other candidates nothing, NO MORE BLOOD; NO MORE ENERGY; NO MORE CHI. Trump is making the right move here.

To Trump’s supporters, ALL of us are behind him 100%. We’ll be watching him on a competing network tonight.

The News Networks have lost their cash cow, their unpaid TV star. By my math, Trump has easily given the Networks $9 MILLION in free labor, (if you consider his speaking fees.) Trump has given the other candidates millions of viewers, millions in free advertising. Fox is foolish for giving Trump a way out; Trump is wise for taking it.

WINNER: Donald Trump.
LOSER: Fox News losing MILLIONS of dollars.
LOSER: Ted Cruz, will be in everyone’s sights tonight; he’ll be attacked viciously and without mercy. (Donald Trump will no longer be absorbing the brunt the attacks.)
LOSER: ALL GOP candidates at the debate, the show will be a disastrous, boring event with LOW ratings.

Prediction: Donald Trump’s numbers go up, and he wins every state including Iowa.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 11.47.00 AM



Donald Trump VETERANS Rally,
Fox News Debate Rival
Drake University
Des Moines Iowa

Fox News Debate, LOW RATINGS:

Fox News Debate, which should have scored even higher ratings than first debate, (RECORD 24 MILLION, scores HALF.) Donald Trump cuts Fox News ratings in HALF!

The press is spinning that Trump not being there had no affect, REALLY? This debate SHOULD have been the highest-rated debate ever, instead it was a ratings disaster.

The other spin I’m hearing is Trump’s event “covered” by the other networks scored lower… Well, I watched MSNBC ‘s and CNN’s “coverage” (which consisted of Trump bashers talking about how awful Trump was, with sporadic clips of Trump’s rally every 20 minutes or so.) If CNN had decided to actually cover the event, their ratings COULD have been much higher.

Ted Cruz CONCEDES Iowa to Trump.

Cruz is no longer attempting a first place finish. After being destroyed at the last TRUMP-LESS debate, and, after a month of attacks on his character and citizenship, CANADIAN TED is battling for SECOND place in Iowa. Ted has cancelled attack-ads on Trump, instead he’s focussing on RUBIO. WHY?


PREDICTION: Rubio comes in SECOND in Iowa, Ted THIRD.

In Iowa, Cruz shifts focus from Trump to Rubio:

walking ted close



© 2016 Author Richard Skeet

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