BLACK Donald Trump supporter beats the crap out of WHITE Bernie Sanders supporter at Arizona rally

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BLACK Donald Trump supporter beats the crap out of WHITE Bernie Sanders supporter at Arizona rally!

  1. ben says:

    I got news for you..cops are part of the intelligence crime ops.

    Ok..BORN AND RAISED LEGAL HISPANIC AMERICAN…Where do I sign up for TRUMP, and can Trump stop the intelligence mafia network that’s targeting U.S. whistleblowers? And just because I have a beardbeard..does not make me a MUSLIM!!!!ISLAM is demonic. Read first 4 chaps..from app on play store.


    So…I decide to take a walk in the late afternoon. As I walk across the parking lot, security guard salutes me BIG BLACK MAN, and another one dressed in scrubs, having a peculiarly treacherous and dim witted stare . Anyway, he asked me how I was…I said Blessed by Yeshua. I even showed him my shirt with Yeshua on it. He asked: WHATS THAT? I explain…and move on, but as I do…he signals a few people. Later, what appears to be a fat white…undercover cop…nearly runs me over, and two black women, appear to be staking out my home. I suppose seeing the beard frightened them, part of their mind control profiling campaign. In any case…the stalking continues. Hopefully I won’t wind up another patsy in their false flag ops. You’d think they be busy enough with other criminal activity. In another state…I attempted to report what appeared to be..ILLEGAL drug activity. As I am speaking to officer, three other cops ambush me…falsely accuse me, threaten me, and finally release me. Helicopters began hovering over my property, a camera was placed in front of my home, cops would covertly stalk me in town…and even had a guy in a hood flash a knife at the area. They have been sending creepy agent looking people to my property also ( apparently tagging things) , and I believe it was because I had voiced my opinion concerning 911 on live call in CSPAN. One night I witnessed them attempting to sneak into my home ( see SNEAK AND PEEK), etc. Even placed stationary night drones over my property. My electronics totally sabotaged..see PHANTOM CENSORING. LIFE IN THE POLICE TERROR STATE 2016…AIDED BY THE SLAVE BRAINED BLACK…AND OTHERS. GOD HELP US ALL.


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