Trump’s RNC Convention Was The Most Watched Convention In WORLD History, BUT…

Posted: July 23, 2016 in FRONT PAGE, TRUMP
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Trump’s RNC Convention Was The Most Watched Convention In WORLD History, BUT… The MSM forced the majority of watchers to tune into PBS, C-Span, and other sources to get UNFILTERED coverage. All the MSM sources omitted key speeches, frustrating many convention watchers, who wanted to see every minute. I was one of them; I watched nearly the entire convention on C-SPAN as no network carried Laura Ingraham’s awesome speech, (for example.)

Read behind their lies.

MSM Sources are saying John Mccain had more viewers? Really? DOES THIS PASS THE SMELL TEST?

All ratings reports I’ve seen so far have omitted PBS, C-Span, AND On-line (in 2008 the idea of chord-cutting was brand new- MANY Americans no longer have cable in 2016.)

Will update this story as soon as I can PROVE my hypothesis. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

Please help me find the following data:

  • PBS ratings for July 21.
  • C-span ratings for July 21.
  • ON-LINE ratings for July 21.

Please share this story and help me EXPOSE their lies.



  1. TwoLaine says:

    I watched the whole convention on C-SPAN, plus a lot of the other convention events in Cleveland. I don’t require narration, or commercials. It was quite pleasant, and mostly unfiltered.

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