Chickens Coming Home to ROOST…

Posted: July 25, 2016 in CROOKED HILLARY, FRONT PAGE


We know the DNC and their allies were busy organizing protests and MANUFACTURING anger against Trump nationwide. We know the DNC is guilty of creating a deluge of false, inflammatory talking points against Trump.


Last week Donald Trump ripped Hillary Clinton’s face off. Exposed her for what she is: CROOKED.
Last week Donald Trump ripped The CORRUPT SYSTEM’s face off.
A few weeks ago the SHILL Bernie Sanders endorsed CROOKED Hillary.
Last week leaked DNC emails proved the entire DNC election was a fucking fraud, PERIOD.

Now there are 50,000 mostly-ignorant, betrayed and angry Bernie Sanders’ supporters learning that they were right: the system was RIGGED against their guy- A PHONY ELECTION IN THE U.S.

Just where will all this anger go?




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