Hilary Clinton revealed herself tonight, totally: she’s a communist.

In the most troubling speech I’ve seen in my lifetime, Hillary outlined her plans to create European, open-borders communism in America. Instead of moving towards the center, she moved to the hard left. The battle lines are drawn, in the end she’ll be defeated in the largest landslide in American history. In positioning herself to embrace 100% of crazy Bernie’s socialist platform, she’s alienated her moderate base. No Republican or Independent can support her now, none; she’s as fuck-nuts as crazy Bernie, but with the added baggage of: corruption, bad judgement, war-hawkishness, and dishonesty.

Checkmate- piece by piece, line by line, I intend to go through Hillary’s entire speech and highlight all the lunacy. Her speech puts her to the left of Obama; her speech puts her to the left of silicon valley; her speech puts her to the left of most Democrats; she’s finished.

Why does crazy-crooked-communist Hillary want open borders?

Endgame! It’s well known that new immigrants support socialist ideas in far greater numbers than the American people: the communists are trying to pack the ballot box, permanently. The future of our nation depends on stopping this lunatic, fortunately it will be easy, fortunately we still have the numbers to do it, after 8 years of open borders we won’t.

This is an unexpected gift! Imagine how easy Obama would’ve been to defeat if he could’ve been labeled a communist? And had a candidate like Donald Trump with the balls to do it?





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