Hillary Rotten Clinton- Go Make Me a Sandwich- It’s Time For An Alpha Male

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I Met A Girl.


Thank God that’s over. Fuck. Had to wash the estrogen off.

During the Democrat National Convention, all across the country, women’s monthly cycles aligned because of the girl-power-hen-cackling pheromones being emitted from Philadelphia.

I tried watching the DNC, I really fucking tried. If you want to defeat an enemy, to rip off their heads and suck the marrow from their twitching skulls: know your enemy; put yourself in their shoes; use empathy to understand your enemy better than they know themselves- not because I want to find common ground, (you can’t find common ground with people wanting to harm or enslave you,) but because I know: the 2016 election might be our last chance as Americans to avoid a collapse.

George Patton used empathy to defeat the NAZIS; he studied Rommel and the Germans not to forge an understanding, but to grease the treads of American tanks with the blood and guts of NAZI soldiers.

There’s always a risk in using empathy as a weapon, in trying to understand how the enemy thinks, (if an enemy is particularly noxious,) their message can make others physically ill.

The DNC-GIRL-POWER theme was so pervasive, it actually lowered male testosterone levels nationwide:



The Alpha Male

I inserted this video to give a reminder of reality:

  • Men have value.
  • Testosterone has value.
  • Men are physically different than women.
  • Men are emotionally different than women.
  • Men think strategically different than women.
  • Often, in most scenarios an alpha-male IS the best choice to solve the problem.

Want to: design a building, fly to the moon, create a new electronic device, write software, design an atomic bomb, win a chess tournament, conquer a city filled with muslim savages: (these tasks have always been, and will always be accomplished by alpha males.)

Want to: share feelings, receive compassion, or enjoy a sandwich: these are things women are good at.

The Democrats are trying to convince America that Hillary’s alleged caring, compassion, ovaries, and estrogen qualify her to be the commander and chief of the U.S. Military.

Hillary says she believes in science? Here’s some science:

One of the main reasons why there are not more female science professors or chief executives or Cabinet ministers is that, on average, men are more intelligent than women.



Civilizations, empires, and superpowers throughout history have all declined then collapsed; when a people no longer has the will to fight for their civilization, when a civilization debates whether self defense in the face of conquest is “moral,” the end is near.

Do Americans have a right to control our border?

border fence

Do Americans have a right to keep an invading army out?


Do Americans have a right to deport illegal invaders?


Do Americans have a right to keep people who want to do us harm out of the military because of their treasonous beliefs?


Do Americans have a right to put America First?

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.24.10 PM

Is telling the truth racist? TRUTH:

  • Many muslims want to do us harm, therefore we should not let them into our country, PERIOD.
  • With 100 million unemployed, 70% of immigrants on welfare, and 20 trillion in debt allowing ANY immigration, or tolerating illegal immigration of uneducated peasants from the third-world is SUICIDE.

If America collapses, if the social welfare dries up, if grocery stores based on “just in time” supply-chain management run out of food; if rioting, followed by marshal law, followed by round-ups, indefinite detention, internment camps… IF IF IF, America is hanging on by a very thin thread:

  • 20 trillion in debt; 18 trillion dollar economy. BANKRUPT.
  • Anemic growth.
  • Massive, unprecedented unemployment.
  • Massive, unprecedented dispersal of government benefits.
  • Police officers being assassinated.
  • Terrorists attacking on American soil


The Executive Branch

The President of The U.S., (The executive branch) is unique in world history. The founding fathers saw the weakness of a parliamentary system, (decision making by committee and debate.) The Roman Empire vascilated between a republic and a dictatorship for much of it’s history, when times were good, the Roman senate was dominant, when times were bad, the Roman emperor would direct all of the empire’s energy towards a common purpose, making quick decisions without debate.

What the founding fathers learned studying republics of the past: in hard times, especially times of war: having a SINGLE wise, and ruthless leader is better than gridlock, committees, and debate.

We are in a world war. It started on 9/11; it didn’t end because Obama retreated. The survival of Western Civilization is at stake. A radical ideology fueled by modern technology is in the process of conquering America and the West.

Islam wants you dead or enslaved, why? Because THEIR god told them to do it.

Islam, as a threat to western civilization has been dormant for 100s of years, but it nearly conquered Europe in the past, with the internet: Islam’s march of conquest continues.

The fact that Hillary Clinton helped some kids while she was not busy being a corrupt liar does not make her qualified to be commander in chief, it makes her qualified to make me a sandwich.


The founding fathers believed, in times of trouble, in times of war: find the smartest, shrewdest, meanest motherfucker you can: find the alpha-male. This is why The President is commander and chief of the military. This is why the President is elected directly by the people.


  1. wheatietoo says:

    Heh. Nice.
    I enjoyed reading that and agree with your basic premise.

    Except…we need an alpha male who has a unwavering sense of Honor and undying Loyalty to this country.

    Mr. Trump has demonstrated that he has these qualities…since he has put his life and his fortune on the line, in order to help this country.

    And not all females are of the touchy-feely, controlled-by-emotions variety.
    Some are alpha females; warriors who are capable of split-second decision making and are willing to fight for what is right.

    Hillary is ruthless…but she has no honor and no loyalty to our country.
    She is devious and diabolical.
    She is a control freak who would abuse power and would impose totalitarian rule upon us.

    This is why she must not be our President…not because she is a woman.

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