WISCONSIN VOTER FRAUD: What were THEY thinking? Paul Ryan’s 2-Card-Monte Magic Trick

Posted: August 10, 2016 in FRONT PAGE
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Congratulations to Paul Ryan for pulling off a miracle:

85% Paul Ryan CLOBBERED 15% Paul Nehlen

Wow. In the “year of the outsider,” the ultimate insider, incumbent Paul Ryan walloped his anti-globalist-outsider congressional opponent Paul Nehlen decisively, AMAZING!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.23.34 AM

April Wisconsin Presidential Primary:

Insider John Kasich got 15%; Cruz and Trump 85%

This Congressional Primary race was the biggest in the nation, would’ve liked to have seen some exit-polling data; you know, just to find out what THEY, (voters for Paul Ryan) were thinking. Wasn’t that news?

What were THEY thinking? Where are the EXIT POLLS??? WTF? If Paul Ryan had lost, this might have been one of the most important elections in U.S. History! That’s a great trick, making exit polls vanish. Exit polls might have helped the American people discover if there was any voter fraud going on. I’m glad they didn’t do them, I’d rather be in the dark.

In April, in Paul Ryan’s 1st district, the GOP Establishment candidate (John Kasich,) only got 15% of the vote, the anti-establishment candidates got 85%. It’s like Paul Ryan reversed the numbers, like magick!

April 2016, 85% vote for outsider candidate:-> August 2016 85% for establishment candidate.

April 2016, 15% vote for establishment candidate:-> August 2016 15% for outsider candidate.

On April 5, 2016 Wisconsin held its presidential primary:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.23.08 AM

Ted Cruz allegedly won, followed by Donald Trump; in a distant third John Kasich with around 15% of the vote.

85% anti-establishment. (Cruz-Trump in this race, in Wisconsin.)

15% establishment. (John Kasich in this race, in Wisconsin.)

We know from the April 5th 2016 presidential primary exit polls:

  • 87% of Wisconsin Republican voters were DISSATISFIED and ANGRY at how the federal government is working.
  • 52% of Wisconsin Republican voters felt betrayed by Republican Party politicians.
  • 68% of Wisconsin Republican voters support a muslim ban.
  • 94% of Wisconsin Republican voters feel worried or very worried about economy.

These exit poll numbers explain why GOP Establishment favorite John Kasich, (who’s views on virtually everything mirror Paul Ryan,) did so poorly in Wisconsin.

OK. So have you got a good feel for the way Wisconsin Republicans think in 2016? Let’s recap:

  • 87% ANGRY at GOP Establishment,
  • 52% feel BETRAYED,
  • 68% support a muslim ban,
  • 94% worried about economy.

Based on this data any GOP establishment globalist candidate, with views like John Kasich, should gain 15% of the vote, and any outsider non-globalist candidate should gain 85% of the vote.

Paul Ryan should have had a tough race, with 87% of Wisconsin voters feeling ANGRY at GOP Establishment, and Ryan being the titular head of the GOP Establishment.



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