How do you write women so well?

Spock breaks the evil robots by dropping a logic bomb on them.

Irrational women and beta-males have similar characteristics, brains are wired similarly, their ability to reason and use logic, similar. This is why you won’t see either winning at chess. Since I can’t talk about irrational women, (as a protected class,) I’d like to talk about beta-males, like estrogen-laced Joe Scarborough:

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.26.13 AM

A sensitive man.


I recommend.

Note: I did not call Joe Scarborough a faggot, you connected those pink dots yourself. Anyway…

A couple of days ago Donald Trump said this:

Beta-males in our media went nuts. But, this blog post isn’t going to just rag on beta-males like Joe Scarborough, nor talk about the efficiency of our reptilian brains VS higher-order brains in life and death situations, no.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about logic, reason, the english language, telling the truth, theorizing, predicting the future, humor, and perhaps a few other things…

threat: /THret/
a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done.

Was Donald Trump’s second amendment statement a threat?
HMMM. No. By definition it was not a threat.

Was Donald Trump’s second amendment statement a prediction?

prediction: /prəˈdikSH(ə)n/
a statement made about the future.
No. The word “prediction” doesn’t cut it either.

Luckily I’m good at math; luckily I’ve studied computer science; I recognized exactly what Donald Trump’s statement was.

People who think logically will usually have a background that includes at least some math training, others, whose brains are wired “differently” tend to avoid math:

Beta-male Scarborough can’t handle fourth-grade fractions.

Hillary will let her man handle the tricky math. Bill will fix the economy, she’ll make him a sandwich.


Sorry, I got sidetracked.

The first thing I notice in Donald Trump’s speech is an obvious IF/THEN construct. Not a threat; not a prediction; a conditional statement.

conditional or IF/THEN statement:
A conditional statement, symbolized by p q, is an ifthen statement in which p is a hypothesis and q is a conclusion.

IF **CONDITION** THEN **RESULT** is a basic construct in geometry, logic, and boolean math.

Here’s how computer scientists, electrical engineers etc… view the: IF **CONDITION** THEN **RESULT**


For example:


**CONDITION 1** Hillary Clinton becomes president.

AND (+)

**CONDITION 2** Hillary Clinton attempts to end the second amendment, (a right guaranteed by our Constitution.)



**RESULT** Second Amendment people, (armed and angry,) might do something. THAT WILL BE A HORRIBLE DAY.

What do you think of Donald Trump’s conditional statement? Donald Trump’s hypothesis? Is it a valid hypothesis? Does it ring true?

Before you answer; watch this video:

Richard Yeager Pack Your Bags

So what do you think?
Is Donald Trump’s IF/THEN conditional statement a valid, honest, hypothesis?
Not: is Trump right or wrong;
not: are people who feel this way right or wrong-
Is it possible some “2nd amendment people” might cause problems if Hillary Clinton tried to abolish the 2nd amendment?
YES. It’s possible. If you don’t see this as a possibility, you’re a fool.

IF crafting a conditional statement ever becomes a crime,
THEN Joe Scarborough will die a horrible death at the hands of a gang of rabid, rubber-dildo-wielding, naked-and-horny-retarded savages.


  1. TwoLaine says:

    I just call it assuming facts not in evidence, improper characterization of evidence.


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