KNOCKOUT- Hillary Clinton’s Gassing Out, SHE’S IN BIG TROUBLE.

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This race is going to be about competence; it’s not even going to be close. In the end, Hillary’s going to be BEGGING for it to be over. In the end, Donald Trump will win in a landslide.

For Hillary Clinton to win:

  • She has to lie about who she is, what she believes, and what she’s accomplished;
  • AND she has to lie about Donald Trump, who he is, what he believes, and what he’s accomplished.

That’s a tall order. To maintain many deceptions for 90 days straight. What happens if her lies lose effect? With 90 days left to go? This is a marathon, not a sprint. In the CROOK VS THE BUSINESSMAN: bet on the businessman!

If you haven’t seen the movie When We Were Kings you should. It tells how underdog Muhammad Ali outsmarted and defeated the best fighter in the world at the time, (George Foreman,) in the prime of his life.

George Foreman was younger, stronger, terrifying, undefeated and considered unbeatable.
Muhammad Ali was fast, but was getting older.

People expected ALI to dance, to avoid being hit, to fight like he did 10 years ago, (when he was younger and faster,) to have any kind of a chance. That didn’t happen. Instead, Ali allowed the younger and stronger foreman to wear himself out, to gas out.

No one expected this ending:

Now watch the entire round 8, watch how Ali allows Foreman to punch away; watch the impeccable timing of Ali’s knock-out blow:

Would you have the discipline to absorb your enemy’s best punches, for 8 rounds, while waiting patiently for your moment? Ali-Foreman made famous the phrase “rope-a-dope.” Mohammad Ali trained and prepared for this fight, and this exact ending for many months, the rope-a-dope strategy:

  • Don’t tell them your game plan, in fact let the enemy think you’re gonna dance.
  • Prepare your body, through brutal training to last a prolonged fight.
  • Prepare your body to absorb blows from strong sparring partners. (Let big men beat on you.)
  • Allow your opponent to exhaust themselves without damaging you.
  • At the right moment, at the moment you choose: KNOCK ‘EM OUT!

I’m gonna dance.

Hillary Clinton and her media accomplices have been hitting Donald Trump with everything they have, their biggest weapon: the lie that Trump is slipping in the polls is beginning to wear thin; Trump’s smiling at them; laughing at them.








Their best punch is to try to convince us Donald Trump’s slipping in the polls? Really? We’re not gonna vote for Donald Trump because some liar made a phony poll?

hit like vegetarian


Donald Trump’s crowds remain huge, his supporters aren’t going anywhere; IF ANYTHING, HE’S GETTING STRONGER!

It’s the beginning of round 8, ENJOY THE SHOW! IT’S ABOUT TO GET FUN!

michael jackson popcorn


“Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain.
Let your opponent graze your skin and you smash into his flesh;
let him smash into your flesh and you fracture his bones;
let him fracture your bones and you take his life!
Do not be concerned with escaping safely-
lay your life before him!!”
Bruce Lee.


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