Courage: Getting in Their Faces, Punching Where it Hurts- #TrumpBoycott

Posted: August 16, 2016 in CROOKED HILLARY, FRONT PAGE, SKEET
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A warning to all you famous types currently fighting on the wrong side of history; realize: this is not a normal election; we are going to win this war; you will share in Hillary’s defeat.


…they are sometimes wingnuts… you honestly do take that home with you…(Robert De Niro) must be a total psycho. Let’s just be honest right now.

I like Robert De Niro as an actor; he’s good at what he does; had a long career filled with great performances. That’s why it pains me to be put in a situation where he’s the enemy.

A few days ago, Robert De Niro said some nasty, untrue things about Donald Trump. Robert De Niro’s allied himself with CROOKED Hillary; he must learn a lesson.

Our side wants real, dramatic change; our side’s enthusiastic and dedicated: willing to wait in lines that stretch over a mile for hours, in 0 degree bitter cold wind for a chance to hear a message delivered by a brave American patriot.

Many people wait outside the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell in frigidtemperatures to see Republican presidential candidate Donald TrumpMonday night. SUN photos /JOHN LOVE

My girlfriend and I, near the front of a line stretching a mile to see Donald Trump in Lowell, MA, on a cold afternoon in January.


Her side; not so much:


A short line of beta-males and lesbians waits for Hillary in August.

I don’t care if Robert De Niro has a liberal CROOKED fetish, it makes no difference to me. In fact, if De Niro came “out of the closet” to support Hillary, and then gave his legitimate reasons for that support, I might respect him for it.

Here are some valid arguments a CROOKED Hillary supporter like De Niro can make:

  • I believe in an open southern border. Americans have no right to attempt to control immigration, illegal aliens should not be rounded up and deported, we need more illegal immigrants and amnesty: otherwise wages will rise. The crimes illegals commit, and the welfare resources they consume, are offset by the value they bring. Hillary supports amnesty and open borders: I’m with her.MS13
  • I believe in globalism. Americans have had it too good, for too long; we need to close our factories and buy our goods from overseas sources. NAFTA, TPP, MFN for China are all good ideas. Hillary supports globalism: I’m with her.manufacturing
  • I believe importing more muslims is a good idea. Muslims bring a fresh perspective to America, fresh bold ideas: we should import more of them. Women should be second class citizens; gays should be murdered; terrorism has nothing to do with a religion that preaches and teaches it. Hillary supports an increase in muslim immigration: I’m with her.kirc70wl1dnhqclmcaek
  • I believe in socialism. The fact that socialism has always failed everywhere should not discourage us. So what if socialism always leads to: economic stagnation; followed by dictatorship; followed by roundups, concentration camps, mass murder; followed by mass starvation. Hillary is a socialist: I’m with her.koreas

All women are whores.


But, wingnut De Niro did not have the courage to explain his convictions, (if he has any convictions.) Instead he insulted all Donald Trump supporters by lying about our guy. Mr. Dinero: you fucked up.

De Niro has a movie coming out in a few weeks; can’t wait to see it, but… I don’t want to pay for it. If I pay for it, a piece of those revenues ultimately goes to him, (kind-a like the 150 billion America gave Iran will ultimately be used to kill Americans.) Why should I pay Robert De Niro to attack me and what I believe in?

Not gonna happen. Instead, wherever De Niro’s movie is advertised, I’ll post a link to this blogpost:

  • SHORT:
  • LONG:

Robert De Niro you are officially under my personal #TrumpBoycott – You will not receive another direct penny from me until the day I die. I look forward to all future movies of yours going straight to T.V. where I can enjoy your work without guilt.

Other talented actors, who’ve lied about Trump and are under my #TrumpBoycott include:

Will Smith

Jennifer Lawrence

And anyone you care to add in the comments.

It’s time for Donald Trump’s supporters to come out, full force just like our enemies do; it’s time to call them out and go after them.

  1. Great page. Too bad about DeNiro. I always liked him. But, what the hey…some mother and father loved Charles Manson once.

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