GOOFY Gary Johnson, A GOP Establishment RINO Disguised as a Libertarian

Posted: August 30, 2016 in FRONT PAGE, SKEET
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Look at me: I’m a “LIBERTARIAN.”

Gary Johnson is NOT a Libertarian:

  • Supports funding NASA, Green Energy, Planned Parenthood.
  • Does not support religious freedom for small-business owners.
  • Believes: “Barack Obama is a good guy” “Statesmanlike”
  • Believes: “Hillary Clinton is a wonderful public servant”
  • Bill Weld (his running mate) a CFR Globalist.
  • Supports: TPP; The UN; The Patriot Act; The Iraq War.
  • Supports: Gun control. Assault weapons bans. Waiting periods.
  • Supports: Carbon tax.
  • Supports: Universal health care.
  • Will not legalize drugs.
  • Pro abortion.

GARY JOHNSON: Not a LIBERTARIAN- A LIBERAL-RINO Republican disguised as a libertarian.

FLASHBACK 1980: Ronald Reagan, in a populist revolt, overthrows the old GOP Establishment to become the Republican Nominee. The issues were different then, it was the cold war: surviving nuclear annihilation, abortion, and fiscal responsibility were the core of what GOP Establishment, the so-called “Rockefeller” or “Country-Club” Republicans wanted in their preferred candidate; Reagan had different ideas.

Ronald Reagan believed:

  • America needed economic growth, period. The fate of the free world depended on it. In order to achieve growth: cut taxes, cut social spending, increase military spending.
  • By lowering taxes, and unleashing economic growth, Tax revenues would increase: (increase production, take a smaller piece of a larger pie.)
  • An unborn child is a human being, an individual deserving protection, the child had a right to live, period.
  • We should not seek parity with the Russians, we should seek to WIN the cold war. We should OUTSPEND them with our military budgets.
  • We should never back down in the face of Soviet aggression.

These were big, bold, different ideas. Reagan’s ideas were not shared by Establishment types like George Will and William F Buckley (National Review/Media pundit) class. George Bush (the elder) debated Reagan in the GOP Primaries, calling Reagan’s tax-cut economic plan, “VOODOO ECONOMICS.”

Ultimately, however, Ronald Reagan secured the GOP nomination; the GOP Establishment was not finished however, they ran a third party challenger: John Anderson.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.13.37 PM

It seems unthinkable now; Ronald Reagan is remembered as a hugely popular and successful Republican President; a hero, a genius. Criticizing Reagan today by Republicans is almost blasphemous, yet in 1980 he was dismissed, hated and feared by the Rockefeller wing; they criticized him in public; attacked him from all sides. Before #NeverTrump there was a well funded #NeverReagan.

But, Reagan did win in a landslide election! America’s economy BOOMED in the 80s! Reagan did cut taxes and Tax revenues increased! We outspent the Soviets on defense and forced the evil Soviet empire to collapse! THANKS RONALD REAGAN!

Imagine if the polls showing a Carter victory had been accurate in 1980? Imagine if in the 1980 election, Reagan and Carter were within 5%?

6% of TRAITOROUS Republicans voting for John Anderson would’ve cost Reagan the election.

I knew the GOP Establishment would never support Donald Trump in 2016, how could they? They are GLOBALIST traitors backed by foreign interests. They call Trump a racist to hide the TRUE reason they do not support him: they, (douchebag globalists like Mitt Romney,) want OPEN BORDERS (cheap labor); they also want American-factory-closing deals like NAFTA and TPP (why pay a premium for American workers?)



Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.54.42 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.45.52 AM


FAST-FORWARD 2016: Today, they, these GOP Establishment douchebags, (Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John Kasich,) are financing, supporting, and running TWO former Republicans as so called “Independents,” Gary Johnson, running as a Libertarian, and a bald mormon who I won’t name, running simply to hurt Donald Trump in Utah. That’s right, in 2016 there are 3 Republicans running for President.

Personally, it’s my belief this election’s not even going to be close. I can’t imagine CROOKED SICK Hillary winning over 35% of the popular vote. But, what if?

What if 2016 is a close election as the phony polls today suggest?

If the election’s close, GARY JOHNSON MUST BE EXPOSED.

Here’s something douchebags who say they support Gary Johnson need to realize:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.28.46 PM


Reality, there are only TWO candidates running for President in 2016:



  • A lawyer who defended child rapists, and laughed about getting them acquitted.
  • A failed politician with no charisma, who was SCHLONGED by Barack Obama.
  • A long record of corruption spanning decades.
  • No executive experience, NONE.
  • Received MILLIONS from gay-killing and woman-hating muslim nations.
  • Former first lady, hand picked for a nominally-contested Senate seat in New York.
  • Won the Democrat nomination in 2016 in a RIGGED process.
  • Former Secretary of State: WARMONGER/NEOCON. Supported Iraq war, supported Arab spring and unrest in Ukraine.
  • Wants to: raise taxes; increase regulations; slow economic growth.
  • Will appoint liberal judicial-activist SCOTUS justices.
  • Will end Second Amendment.
  • Lax monitoring of terrorists.
  • Supports socialized medicine.
  • NWO puppet.
  • Open borders.
  • Amnesty for illegals. (Create a permanent supermajority socialist voting block,)
  • Globalist: supported every trade deal which has led to declining American incomes and closed American factories.
  • Increased muslim immigration.
  • Supports ALL abortion, even partial-birth abortion.


trump ironman thumb

Donald Trump:

  • Self-made billionaire with a degree in economics from an ivy-league school.
  • A winner.
  • Won a highly contested primary, earning more votes than any Republican candidate ever.
  • A best selling author.
  • A media ratings machine, earned over $200-million for a part-time TV show.
  • A highly paid motivational speaker.
  • A builder/entrepreneur/problem solver.
  • 40+ years of real EXECUTIVE experience.
  • The only major-party candidate to ever run on an America-First platform.
  • Cut taxes; cut regulations; unleash economic growth.
  • Repeal and replace job-killing Obamacare.
  • Appoint conservative, constitutional, NON-judicial-activist SCOTUS justices.
  • Protect and strengthen Second Amendment.
  • Extreme terrorism vigilance: monitor the mosques.
  • No amnesty.
  • Control the borders.
  • End bad trade deals; eliminate our MASSIVE trade deficits.
  • No more stupid wars.
  • No more politically-correct conflicts.
  • Rebuild our infrastructure.
  • Make our so-called allies PAY for their defense.
  • Pro-life.


  • Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be elected President on November 8th.
  • If you believe there is NO difference between the two candidates, YOU’RE BRAINDEAD, (so you can’t read this post anyway.)
  • Voting third party is avoiding reality AND your obligation as an American citizen.

In America we have a two-party system; it’s been that way for a long time. There’s a real difference between Donald Trump and CROOKED Hillary, if you do not like either candidate: do the right thing and vote for the one you hate least. Choosing a third-party candidate is intellectual cowardice, it’s NOT the moral-high ground, IT’S CHICKENSHIT. Voting third party is worse than not voting, it’s a statement about who you are as a human being: A COWARD AND/OR DENIER OF REALITY.

Third Party supporters must have the courage to ask a serious question: who would I rather have be President: Trump or Clinton? Then choose accordingly.

Choosing NOT to vote or to vote third party is not ADMIRABLE.

Avoiding reality does not avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.


So, if you see some COWARD posting that they support Gary Johnson, realize they are actually a chickenshit Hillary Clinton supporter without the BALLS to admit it: CALL THEM OUT!

For further study:

William F Buckley and George Will debate Ronald Reagan on Panama Canal Treaty.

How Ronald Reagan won the Cold War.

REAGAN’S ATTITUDE: “If my enemy is on his knees, WE’LL BREAK HIS HEAD.”

Gary Johnson is NOT a Libertarian.

  1. […] Anyone supporting a 3rd party candidate, is NOT noble, THEY’RE A CHICKENSHIT, HEAD-IN-THE-SAND COWARD! […]

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  2. As a former Libertarian Party state chairman in South Carolina in the early 1990’s I am saddened by the fact that the Party of Principle has fallen to the lothsom, lying, incompetent, loser, liberal Republican, Gary Johnson. However, this election is historic. America is at a turning point. I helped circulate petitions to put Ron Paul on the ballot in1988, but it took me a few years to understand that he was making a huge difference after he dropped the LP. His work is done and now Trump has taken up the cause of rolling back big government. The reality detached PC Leftists are on the verge of dragging the country down in flames. We have to choose between evil, corrupt, crazy Hillary and Trump, who is everything described in the above article. The choice is clear. Trump is America’s only hope for revival.

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