While I was trolling Hillary Clinton’s speech the other day on YOUTUBE, I noticed she was on the podium with a water-bottle; then something strange happened: she took a sip of water from a glass. Why?

Why a water-bottle AND a water-glass?

At first I wondered if SICK CROOKED HILLARY was covertly taking medication; why have a glass of “water” and a bottle of water?

She sips the glass of water then moves on…

BUT, some internet detectives studied the footage. The glass of water was not for drinking, it was for spitting. In front of her 87 supporters and thousands of Donald-Trump Trolls texting: “COUGH” and “CHOKE” in the live chat-stream, old phlegm-filled Hillary coughed a GREEN LOOGIE into a clear water glass on LIVE T.V! NASTY!





Suggestion to the Clinton Campaign: next time put a spittoon on stage with the “queen of phlegm.” Instead of hiding CROOKED Hillary phlegm-fits, she should boldly orally ejaculate.

Why hide it? SICK CROOKED Hillary should “man-up” like a professional baseball player. #SpitProudly


20160728mwfdnc0729016  coughing-hillary-ap-640x480


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