Breaking – Clinton Doctor: “Hillary Has Pneumonia”

Posted: September 11, 2016 in FRONT PAGE

Just an observation…
It’s just been reported on Politico that Hillary has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Hmmm….

In case you are unaware, pneumonia is not something normal, healthy people catch from others, it’s 99.9% of the time a symptom of another LARGER problem; pneumonia is everywhere; people who “catch” pneumonia, do so because their body is not functioning properly.

For example:

  • A weakened immune system. AIDS, degenerative disease, over work, stress.
  • Lungs become a culture-friendly environment: bronchitis, allergies; normal lungs resist pneumonia; petri-dish-like lungs do not.
  • etc…

What’s my point? My point is IF Hillary has pneumonia, the press has an OBLIGATION to DEMAND AN EXPLANATION! A person who says, “I have pneumonia” is equivalent to a person saying “my hand is missing.” It doesn’t just happen, it’s always a symptom of something else.


According to CNN’s reporting, Hillary Clinton has been examined -at home- by her personal physician, Lisa Bardack, and has been diagnosed with “pneumonia”; which is also being use…

Source: Breaking – Clinton Doctor: “Hillary Has Pneumonia” – Similar Excuse from October 2012…



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