Colin Kaepernick Has NO Right to FREE SPEECH While He Is Employed By NFL

Posted: September 12, 2016 in FRONT PAGE



I keep hearing the media spin, even repeated by supposedly smart people that Colin Kaepernick’s America-hating displays (not standing during our national anthem,) while abhorrent, are allegedly First Amendment protected rights. This flawed argument continues: isn’t it “great” we live in a country which allows “free speech.”


FACT: Colin Kaepernick has NO right to “free speech” while at work, no right to “free speech” while wearing his San Francisco uniform, in fact, technically, Kaepernick has no right to free speech as long as he works for the NFL.

Follow me now, hear me. Imagine if you walked into your local Walmart and the cashier had a pin on his uniform that supported the Klan? Or anti-semitism? Would Walmart allow that?

Answer. NO.

Would Walmart be infringing on a cashier’s first-amendment rights by telling him to remove the political pin while at work?

Answer. NO.

Anyone who’s had a job in corporate America knows: when you take a job, even a menial, low-wage job, you give up some of your Constitutionally-protected rights in exchange for that job.

For example:

  • An employee could be fired for expressing religious opinion on homosexuality.
  • An employee could be fired for telling a person they “look nice,” if it made that other employee feel uncomfortable. (sexual harassment.)
  • An employee wearing a company uniform could be fired for getting drunk and making an ass of himself at a local restaurant.
  • An employee talking to the press, without permission, can be fired for violating corporate “one voice” policy. In other words, if a Walmart employee even speaks to the press, on or off the clock, they can lose their job.
  • An employee can be fired from many corporations for displaying a Bible in his office, or “witnessing” about Jesus.
  • ETC.

If you’ve worked in corporate America, and you’ve actually read a company handbook, you know: you are a representative of the company, and anything you do, while on or off the clock, that embarrasses your company can get you fired.

Remember this?

Ray Rice was not at work. Ray Rice was not in uniform. BUT, when you have a job, AND you publicly embarrass your employer, THEY have a right to fire you, PERIOD.


“if Player has engaged in personal conduct reasonably judged by Club to adversely affect or reflect on Club, then Club may terminate this contract.”

“Morals Clauses” in Sports Contracts – More Important Now Than Ever Before?

That brings us to today. Now, several NFL players are exercising their “rights” to behave like America-hating douchebags.

What’s next?
Flag burning?

The ONLY reason the NFL is putting up with this Colin Kaepernick bullshit is because they are more afraid of the America-hating cop-killing Black Lives Matter con-men than they are of us.

Colin Kaepernick IS speaking for the NFL when he hates America. The NFL’s inaction tells you they believe, support, and endorse his “speech.”

What can be done?

First, join me in boycotting the NFL. I am a huge fan, have been for decades. I will not watch another game, nor go to their website until they act DECISIVELY.

All players sitting during the National Anthem should be FIRED, IMMEDIATELY.

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, should be FIRED for his selective enforcement of the NFL’s morality clause, by Goodell allowing Kaepernick to sit for the National Anthem, he is giving the NFL’s approval for this America-hating treason.

Colin Kaepernick’s “speech” is so disgusting, no different than burning the flag or lighting a cross- THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!




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