A Mad Khan- A Mad Con- AHMAD KHAN

Posted: September 19, 2016 in FRONT PAGE, SKEET

Faces. Rare that two faces look alike. Flip through millions of faces, unlikely to see two identical.

The mainstream press has just reported the name and face of America’s latest foreign muslim-savage terrorist:

That face looks familiar; that name familiar. Have the American people been KHANED (conned?)


Remember this joker, and his humble muslim slave-woman at the DNC? His “hero” army son? This douchebag sharia-law-attorney holding up Our Constitution and attacking Donald Trump’s extreme-vetting policy. Is vetting immigrants for radical beliefs during a time of war unconstitutional?

“If you hear hoof-steps behind you in Montana,
it’s probably not a zebra.”

Love that quote. What it means to me is always pay attention to your gut instinct, to your experience. It’s okay to use past knowledge and experiences to help you prejudge the present; to help formulate logic; to help predict the future.

For example when you hear an explosion happened in New York City, instantly, we all knew it was likely a savage muslim terrorist. Is it racist to say that?

No, islam is not a race: it’s a savage, authoritarian, genocidal, global-conquest, political ideology disguised as a religion.

These two men side-by-side look very similar:


Add 15 pounds, ten years, and a beard to the man on the left, you get someone who looks just like the man on the right. Coincidently, they are BOTH named KHAN.

That’s impossible right? A sharia-law foreign-born muslim attorney could not possibly have a son who’s a terrorist. Such men have sons who are heroes, not traitors.


But what if? What if the DNC lied to us, converted a story of a U.S. traitor who defected from our military to join the enemy into a story of a soldier’s tragic death. Impossible right?


  1. TwoLaine says:

    Do they have any other sons? The terrorist looks a lot like the soldiers mamma.

    There is one thing we don’t have to wonder about though. WE KNOW he is Obama’s Son! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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