Putin: “If American’s vote for Trump, they’re voting for peace; if they vote for Clinton: IT’S WAR.”

Posted: October 27, 2016 in FRONT PAGE

Our controlled press is not allowing Americans to know how serious the conflict over Syria really is.

Since the U.S.S.R collapsed, the U.S. has expanded it’s sphere of influence globally, especially in Europe.

The following 11 countries, (including East Germany,) which used to be part of the Warsaw Pact (allies with the U.S.S.R) are now part of N.A.T.O.


11 countries!

That brings us to Crimea, the Ukraine, and Syria…

We all know about Russian involvement in the Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria, but our government controlled media is not telling us why-

Why are the Russians behaving this way?

Imagine if the situation was completely reversed, a bizarro world: the U.S. collapsed in the 90s; our country split into 50 individual states; our former satellite states no longer under our influence; all of our soldiers brought home; massive cuts in defense spending; etc.

Now imagine the Soviets increasing their military spending. That’s right, in a world with only one superpower, the superpower increases military spending.

Imagine the Soviets invading and conquering sovereign nations in pre-emptive strikes because of terrorism. (Iraq, Afghanistan.)

Now imagine if all of South and Central America became allies of the Soviets, participating in war-games, allowing nuclear missiles onto their territory, right up to the Rio Grand border.

Imagine if Texas, which used to be part of the former United States, which had refused to join in the Soviet alliance, suddenly had an unexpected revolution, and we suspected KGB influence.

America, we are the aggressors here, not the victims.

The Ukraine had 2 decades to join N.A.T.O, they did not.

Syria has been an ally of the Soviet Union and Russia since the 40s.

Syria is the only Russian naval base outside of the former Soviet Union.

The C.I.A. has been overthrowing countries from within for decades, if they are financing the Arab spring, and Euromaiden, I would not be shocked.

I’m an imperialist; I believe in PAX Americana; I’m not one who calls for America to retreat in the world, BUT.

I don’t trust the NEO-CONS who control both political parties.

Syria, is a line in the sand for the Russians.

Hillary wants a no-fly zone in Syria (wants N.A.T.O. to shoot down Russian planes.)

Hillary wants economic sanctions against Russia, because they stood up for themselves against C.I.A. monkey-business in Crimea.

A Russian armada, probably armed with nukes, is heading towards Syria right now.



Voting Trump is self preservation!




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