Can Someone Please Help Me Identify This Man Who Looks Like a CONEHEAD?

Posted: October 30, 2016 in FRONT PAGE


Appears to be a Globalist traitor, allegedly he’s been seen in Utah, funded by Mitt Romney/John McCain/Paul Ryan- attempting to turn the state blue for Hillary Clinton so Trump can’t build a wall.

Allegedly he’s a Mormon, although he’s photographed arming ISIS with the help of John MCCAIN.

Here are the Syrian “rebels” (ISIS) shouting Allah Akbar as they use American guns to kill defenseless Russian parachutists a crime against humanity and violation of Geneva convention. SAVAGES!


Here’s the Russian rescue chopper, filled with medical equipment, (attempting to save the Russian parachutists,) being destroyed by John McCain’s and Hillary Clinton’s TOW missle. Alluha Akbar. SAVAGES.


HIS NAME IS MCMUFFIN. Anyone responsible for arming ISIS is a traitor and should be arrested.




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