RASMUSSEN: Among decided voters, Donald Trump leads Hillary 53-43!

Posted: November 3, 2016 in FRONT PAGE, SKEET



A 10 point gap, an enthusiasm gap. Quite simply, Donald Trump’s supporters are POSITIVE they will vote for him, a significant portion of Hillary supporters will stay home.

What would a 10 point landslide look like?

When was the last time we saw an “unexpected” 10 point popular vote landslide in America?



And this is what the Electoral college map looked like:


It’s important to understand, because of the weight and Democrat slant of New York and California in most elections, even a 3 point popular vote victory by a republican, would be an electoral college blow out…

A 10 point victory? Fah get about it!

A 10 point popular vote victory means, literally EVERY STATE IS IN PLAY!

NO matter where you live, no matter what the polls say, go vote!!!!
Encourage your peer-group to vote.
Discourage dems from voting.



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