A Final Word on The Coming Landslide…

Posted: November 8, 2016 in FRONT PAGE

Landslide Imminent

Just returned from a rally in New Hampshire, it was awesome. The people there really believe; they really want Donald Trump to be president; 10,000+, arena filled to capacity. Trump had 5 rallies yesterday, ours was the smallest.

A committed minority can conquer an undecided majority. FACT. What can a committed MAJORITY do?

What we know…

Donald Trump is KILLING it with white voters:
Not just males, but females too.


10 Point Lead Among Whites:
The largest voting block in America.
Notice 15% Undecided?


10 Point Lead White Males
Notice 14% Undecided?


8 Point Lead White Females.
Notice 20% Undecided?

Every State Listed By White Population Percentage


White people are still 75% of the U.S. population, and, there are more white people in California, than in Texas (by percentage.)

Unfortunately, the media will not tell us what black people and hispanic people are really thinking in a truly scientific-online poll like this one.

Find a single source for a random-sample of 500 black or hispanic voters. I can’t. This is by design.

Black Voters at 78% for Hillary, the rest are “undecided.”


In the La Times poll, black voters have decided, BIG LEAGUE:


But the sample size of LA Times is unknown, take it as anecdotal evidence at best.
We should know tonight, I hope.

… So what we know, for a fact, before the press begins jiggering the numbers: Donald Trump will win the white vote, and by  a lot. Even after they hammered him raw for a year and a half.

What we also know, from early turnout results, size of rallies, on-line participation etc…

Hillary’s supporters lack enthusiasm. (and numbers.)

Trump’s supporters ooze enthusiasm. (and numbers.)

Bottom line, if everyone who strongly feels Donald Trump should be president goes out and votes, Donald Trump could carry ALL 50 states with just the white vote.

This Terrifies them, the globalist elites.

If everyone who strongly feels Hillary Clinton should be president goes out and votes, she’s vastly outnumbered. Very few people strongly feel this way. So her majority turnout is mostly people holding their nose to vote for her.

Pundits and celebrities line up around the block to take shots at Trump, very few want to talk about or defend Hillary. When was the last time you saw a positive Hillary ad?

So, they’ve run the most expensive propaganda psyop in the history of man to try to convince a majority of 75% of the population that they are in the minority, and that if they live in certain states, it’s hopeless. It’s not hopeless.

Donald Trump can win all 50 states, period. Trump Supporters are not a minority in any state.

The enemy is most complacent in deep-blue states, look for CROOKED Hilary to lose at least a few of them. I’m hoping ALL of them.

If you believe, strongly, Donald Trump should be president: go vote now, and convince as many people as you can in your circle of influence to do the same.

Trust the rest of us will do the same.

It’s really that simple; we got this.



Donald Trump today on Fox and Friends: “I do think a-lot of the polls are purposely wrong… I don’t even think they interview people; I think they just put out phony numbers.”


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