THE JIG IS UP: Just Voted For Donald Trump

Posted: November 8, 2016 in FRONT PAGE

The time for debate in 2016 has passed; election day is here.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters are vastly outnumbered anyway, the vast majority of her soft support are based on media deception and manipulation of people with small, easily-fooled minds. They are naive, moldable, and self-hating, voting for their own destruction.

Arguing with such people, today, is a waste of time.

Any poll showing Crooked Hillary above 40% is a lie, PERIOD.

Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to explain why Donald Trump’s innovative, genius, and original ideas are wrong, she failed; she didn’t even try.

Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to sell herself to the American people, she failed. That’s why Obama is fighting for her.

Instead, Hillary went low, into the absolute gutter, attacked Donald’s uncouth words, not his ideas; lied about what he said; paid thugs to disrupt his rallies and commit violence; paid women to lie about sexual harassment.

Short term, with this strategy, all Hillary succeeded in doing was make voting for Trump publicly less popular, so, many Trump supporters went underground with their support, and when live pollsters called, (for person-to-person polling interviews, or when their work acquaintances asked, they answered: “undecided” or “Gary Johnson” or “Jill Stein.” Secretly, they, these shy Trump supporters, planned all along to vote for Trump. With every lie told about their candidate, their support grew stronger, their anger more real.

They turned off the TV. That’s never happened before, ever. The TV made them so angry, they turned it off. (Except Sean Hannity.)

Polls appeared to swing up and down for Trump; it wasn’t real; it was simply these cowardly Trump supporters denying their support when the media was at their most vicious.

Reality, Donald Trump has NEVER been trailing crooked Hillary; she’s a weak corrupt candidate; he’s a strong one.

On election day, in the voting booth, third party or undecided votes disappear, they always have. The Green Party plus Libertarian will be 1% tops, why? Because it’s a wasted vote, everyone knows it.

Look, if someone supports Hillary Clinton, the politically correct thing to do, they answer, “I’m with her.” In Hollywood that answer is accepted and encouraged. It even might get you payed by Jeff Bezos.

If someone supports Donald Trump, even with every fiber of their being, because of the filthy smear and slander, some answer differently. Especially in Hollywood, but even in silicon valley, Facebook, and elsewhere.

This is the Bradley Effect, it’s very real. (Ask Saint Peter who denied Jesus three times.)

The ballot box is different: it’s private; it’s anonymous in 2016.

Today I went to physically vote; I chose not to vote early, because I didn’t want my ballot sitting, uncounted, in a box for several days unguarded.

Even though the polls have been open for weeks, many Republicans have done the same. Historically, later voting favors Republicans. This is logical, we don’t trust these bastards: both Republican and Democrat.

When you see lines today, in states that allowed early voting, know this: THEY ARE REPUBLICAN MAJORITY VOTES.

While there, my girlfriend and I, (who also voted for Donald Trump,) witnessed three Hillary supporters, fat, lesbian-looking women holding up slander about Trump. They’re TERRIFIED folks, I’m in a deep-blue state, why is Hillary paying people to go to the polls and hold up signs, here?


I’ve seen lots of local advertising for Hillary on TV: Why is she advertising here?

Why go to Pennsylvania Hillary? Why go to Michigan Hillary?

Everyone in the blue state I live in has been told for months Trump has no chance here, why advertise Hillary?

Answer: mind control. They want to discourage people like me from voting; they failed, and will fail.

On exiting the polls, I decided the best way to affect these Hillary supporters was to simply put on our red MAGA hats, put the convertible top down, and crank up this song, smiling at them and waving as we drove by.

As the subwoofer shook the cement under their fat cankles, I saw the look of terror in their hearts as they knew: IT WAS TOO LATE TO CONVINCE ME, THE JIG IS UP.


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