The Man-Made Climate Change MYTH

Posted: November 11, 2016 in FRONT PAGE, SKEET



Man-made climate change is a myth, a ruse to destroy American jobs, American growth, American energy production, American factories.

Why would they want to destroy American growth, and redistribute that wealth to China and India? Because they are socialists; they want the destruction of capitalism and America.

Anyone reading this who believes in man-made “climate change” (formerly: global cooling and global warming, both proven false,) answer this question: how does it benefit America and the world to scuttle our mines, pipelines, factories, energy production etc, while not requiring China, India, and the developing world to do the same?

Answer: It’s all a ruse to cripple America.

Humans Are A Pollutant

When the EPA was created, it was done to protect American citizens from American corporate mega-polluters. At one time in this country, a factory could just dump toxins into any river or lake it chose, without raising an eyebrow. After enough 3-eyed fish, and leukemia, we created the EPA. Unfortunately, these decent ideas got corrupted. A few years ago they classified co2 as a “pollutant.”

Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide (co2), plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen(o2), if co2 builds up on earth, plants spread out, grow larger, develop more leaves; plant plankton covers more of the ocean- earth balances itself out! Period. Automatically. Plants love co2, they love it! Can’t get enough of it.

More co2 YIELDS More plants YIELDS More oxygen.

There is no proof to the contrary, period. End of story.

The world is not running out of oxygen, nor will we ever; on face value the claim of excess co2 is ridiculous; a scam. Every drop of co2 humans create, will be consumed by a plant somewhere. If we cut down all the trees in Alaska, every other tree on earth will grow more leaves. If we burn the Amazon rainforest down, grass will grow greener and taller, and faster. The earth is an incredible machine, it’s self regulating and self balancing.

There is NO proof at all of man-made climate change.

A Sane EPA

Clean air and clean water, period.

A factory has no right to dump  chemical-pollutants into an American river, since American rivers are owned by ALL Americans. Simple right?

A factory has no right to dump chemical-pollutants into American air, since American air belongs to all Americans. Simple right?


We should produce energy and products with minimum pollution. This is common sense, this is being a good steward of this beautiful planet God gave us.

Every tree cut down and processed should be replaced by 5 more.

We should use the U.S. navy to enforce sustainable harvesting of the oceans.

But, Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant, if it is, then we should kill every animal on the planet first to make room for more humans. (Being facetious, since many of these co2 climate-change wackos believe in “animal rights,” yet advocate forced human birth control.)

If carbon dioxide is a “pollutant” (what humans exhale,) then YOU are a “pollutant” see the danger in this perverted thinking?

You are valuable, every human being is; you have a right to exist. Anyone claiming co2 is a pollutant, (thereby claiming humans a pollutant,) is, at heart, a genocidal maniac.


Look at principle 1. Anyone believing there are too-many people in the world, should do the world a favor and commit suicide.


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