President-Elect Donald Trump Should Sue To Immediately Halt Bogus CROOKED HILLARY Recounts

Posted: November 28, 2016 in FRONT PAGE, SKEET


Evil, CROOKED Hillary is at it again, attempting the scam of this millennium, America’s future hangs in the balance. Make no mistake, she’s attempting to steal this election. Let me say that again: SHE’S ATTEMPTING TO STEAL THIS ELECTION.

I’m a serious student of history, of war, of politics, of economics, have been since I was young. I love these topics. For fun, I watch documentaries, read biographies, consume information. I remember in the early 1990s just as the first gulf war broke out, one of my college professors was predicting a minimum of 10,000 American casualties. He talked about how Saddam controlled the 4th-largest army on earth, and how they had 6 months to fortify their positions in Kuwait; I challenged him in class:

“You just don’t get it, but you’ll see. America’s weaponry is far more advanced than the weapons the Iraqi army has access to. An M1 Abrams Tank can travel at 60 MPH, its turret can rotate twice in a second, so fast, the turret could knock your head off your shoulders, or shoot a jet out of the sky. Its laser guidance system allows it to engage multiple targets simultaneously, while traveling over impossible terrain at high speeds.

The Soviet-made tanks Iraq possesses are slow, inaccurate, their turrets are not independent of the drive train, so those tanks can’t shoot and drive at the same time.

Our weaponry was designed to be so far advanced, that we could face the Soviets and defeat them even though they would have 10 to 1 advantages in numbers.

In this war, Iraq will have “parity” in numbers on the ground, but we will own the air. (And “parity” in numbers, means we have a HUGE advantage since our weapons are meant to fight and win when outnumbered 10 to 1.)

We will cut the Iraqi army off, cut off their supply lines, bomb them into starvation and submission. It won’t even be close.”

Why did I know more than my college professor about the way this war would go? Because I loved it. I breathed in the technology. I read Tom Clancy’s book Red Storm Rising; I saw every episode of Wings. 

(This is why I knew Donald Trump would win, and predicted his victory before anyone else did. I also knew Michigan was in play, and Hillary knew she would lose. I study people, I study history, I live for this shit.)

That brings us to today.

When a nation is about to be invaded, in modern times, the following things happen before the actual invasion takes place. (This can happen in any order.)

  1. Begin bombing/artillery barrage.
  2. Bomb them with leaflets, (demoralize them with propaganda.) Throw them into confusion.
  3. Cut off all communications.
  4. Begin invasion.

In the gulf war, it went in this order:

  1. Cut off all communications. (the first week we destroyed the Iraqi’s command and control.)
  2. Begin bombing/artillery barrage. (We began bombing their fortified positions.)
  3. Bomb them with leaflets, throw them into confusion. (The Iraqi soldiers after several weeks of being pelted, and completely cut off from communicating with their superiors, were told how to escape death, MAKE A WHITE FLAG; COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP.)
  4. Begin invasion. (When American tanks finally began to move, this is the resistance we were met with.)



Mission Accomplished.

More American ground forces were killed by friendly fire, than by Iraqi ground forces.

Get to the point Skeet!


After election night, I began watching the coverage on all the networks to see what their message was, to my surprise it was still vicious on all channels except Fox. Fox was balanced, they no longer had panels of pure Trump hate, instead it was Trump won, but lost the popular vote, and by the way, Trump protestors are rioting.

I was impressed and quite frankly, put off guard by Obama and Hillary claiming to accept the election results. I found this odd. Why did she surrender, when she had won the popular vote? Answer: she didn’t. She was merely buying time.

Jill Stein could not demand a recount on her own, why?

  1. Because she’s not an interested party. (There’s no chance she won a state,)
  2. Because she could not afford it.

So, the Democrat party flooded money into her coffers, and at the last minute “joined” her lawsuit. Reality: if Jill Stein asked for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania the states would rightly say NO. Jill Stein is not an aggrieved party; she has no grounds to sue; only Hillary Clinton can ask for a recount.

  1. Begin bombing/artillery barrage. (The protests. The popular vote argument.)
  2. Bomb them with leaflets, throw them into confusion. (Pretend to surrender, but secretly pack the ballot boxes;)
  3. Begin invasion. (Have Jill Stein sue to obtain recount. Have republican advisors close to Trump tell him to laugh it off.)
  4. Cut off all communications. (Cut-off “fake news” sites: the blogosphere will not be able to comment on this steal.)

What can be done to stop this?


I remember following the OJ Simpson Trial. What’s been lost to the fog of history, is the real reason OJ won. It wasn’t that the jury was stupid. It wasn’t because OJ was innocent, it wasn’t because of lack of evidence; it was because the LAPD had been extremely sloppy and careless with his evidence.

For example, OJ’s Bronco was kept unguarded in a private garage for weeks, an employee of the garage actually broke into the vehicle and stole items. If an employee had access to the vehicle, anyone did. Therefore, the evidence in the Bronco was questionable. Was the Bronco tampered with?

Another example, Mark Fuhrman, guilty of perjury, guilty of using racial slurs on tape, had access to most of OJ’s evidence. Did Fuhrman tamper with evidence?

I’m not telling you OJ was innocent. I am telling you OJ was found innocent, because the LAPD could not prove its evidence was secure from tampering. The same opportunity exists here for Donald Trump.

For three weeks, boxes of ballots have been kept in multiple locations, many of which are in all-blue polling places. THREE WEEKS! All President-Elect Donald Trump’s attorneys would have to prove, would be that a recount should not take place, under ANY circumstance, because the opportunity for mischief is there. President-Elect Donald Trump should immediately lawyer up, and block the recounts. He should do this before communications are cut off.

There is no RIGHT to recount, period. Don’t be fooled, you won’t find this right ANYWHERE.

When Hillary Clinton conceded, she forfeited her right to recount, PERIOD. If she had not conceded, the ballots in those three states would have been treated differently.



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