No. Sending an Attorney to Monitor a Recount in a Conceded Election is NOT Normal. It’s Dangerous, Provacative, Border-Line Treason- FLASHBACK

Posted: November 29, 2016 in FRONT PAGE


This is how a loser acts after an election is over… Notice: no recounts, no lawyers, no team?

“She’s protecting her interests.”

What “interests” could she protect?

She lost! BIG!

There is no reason to have an attorney, at a recount for an election that’s over; it’s like sending a surgeon to a funeral, just in case there’s an “unexpected” knock on the coffin, from the inside.

It’s not a victimless crime either. Hillary Clinton’s behavior will and has, spooked global markets, and created uncertainty.


Her behavior is disgusting. It has a 1% chance of starting a civil war in the world’s most powerful nation. Plan for the future accordingly.


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