Posted: December 2, 2016 in FRONT PAGE


Sarah Palin needs to stop her ignorant-ass cackling and get back in line. She’s misinformed; maybe she needs to read more?

Maybe she needs a-little more bandwidth?

Protecting American jobs, by forcing a deal, is not “crony capitalism.” Telling the CEO of a 100-billion-dollar corporation he’s NOT moving to Mexico is not “crony capitalism.”

America witnessed the impossible yesterday; we witnessed a miracle; we witnessed something no American President has ever done. The Carrier deal required a level of skill and balls that no President, until now, has ever been in possession of.

Let’s review what President-Elect Trump accomplished yesterday, since many want to focus on the puny seven-million in tax incentives that Carrier is receiving over a ten year period…

Setting the record straight:

First, Carrier didn’t threaten to leave America, as crazy Bernie Sanders suggested: THEY LEFT, PERIOD. That ship had sailed! They made the announcement to leave on February 10, 2016.

When a company makes an announcement like this, they are telling all of their employees: FIND ANOTHER JOB; YOUR JOB IS COMING TO AN END. This was not a publicity stunt, this was not a threat to squeeze tax incentives; this was a real factory closing. Many employees probably have left Carrier because of this announcement.

Second, on March 2, governor Mike Pence went to Carrier and tried to convince them to stay in America: CARRIER SAID NO. Read that again. on March 2, governor Mike Pence went to Carrier and tried to convince them to stay in America: CARRIER SAID NO. This is a historical fact. One can reasonably assume that Governor Pence offered, at that time, to give Carrier the meager 7-million-dollar Indiana tax break over ten years on March 2nd, IT DIDN’T WORK. I say meager because 750,000 in  tax incentives per year is NOTHING compared to 1000 high-wage manufacturing jobs and a factory.

Third. And this is most important! Carrier went ahead with their plans and actually built a factory in Mexico! Let that sink in for a second. Carrier built a factory in Mexico. What kind of balls and skill does it take to tell the CEO of a 100-billion-dollar-corporation, that the factory you built in Mexico is NOT going to be used?

From Trump’s speech yesterday:

“…it’s hard to negotiate when the plant is built.

You know what Greg said? (CEO of United Technologies.)

Greg said, ‘But, you know, the plant is almost built, right?’

I said, ‘Greg, I don’t care; it doesn’t make any difference; don’t worry about it.’

‘What are we going to do with the plant?’

‘Rent it; sell it; knock it down. I don’t care.‘”

Donald Trump did not bribe Carrier with “crony capitalism” into staying in America. He used the carrot, and the stick. Donald Trump used leverage, he grabbed them by the balls and squeezed. Does that sound like “CRONY CAPITALISM?”


Trump gets serious at about 16 minutes in:

“… And I said to some of the folks, I said, companies are not going to leave the United States any more without consequences. Not going to happen. It’s not going to happen, I’ll tell you right now...”


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