There is Blood on Mitt Romney’s Hands

Posted: December 3, 2016 in FRONT PAGE

Spreading the LIE of Donald Trump’s racism is UNFORGIVABLE! Donald Trump is not racist, he has not said a single racist thing.

This vicious lie has gotten innocent people attacked! This single LIE is splitting our country apart! I would not support a racist candidate; most Americans would not.

Mitt Romney could not support President-Elect Donald Trump because Mitt Romney is a gung-ho job-outsourcing Milton-Friedman globalist, PERIOD. Tariffs, are a direct threat to this world-view. That’s why they opposed President-Elect Donald Trump so violently, period. Mitt’s a liar, and a traitor.

Opposing President Elect Donald Trump on the issues, no problem. Calling him racist? OUT OF BOUNDS. The “racist card” allows strangers to harm strangers.

I will never forgive, and never forget the hatred directed towards US supporters for following Donald Trump! Romney was a part of that! Wearing MAGA gear, putting up yard signs, because of people like Romney, has become potentially dangerous. This is UNHEARD of in American politics.


Falsely calling someone a racist is UNFORGIVABLE. Mitt Romney put ALL Trump supporters at risk for violent assault! He owes the American people an apology for LYING!



I can understand President-Elect Trump wanting to use Mitt Romney to help accomplish things. He’s smart, capable, ruthless, a problem solver, he’s probably better than any other Republican…. BUT, Mitt’s willingness to put OUR LIVES at risk is a deal killer. President-Elect Donald Trump should FORCE Mitt Romney to IMMEDIATELY apologize to US for using rhetoric that can get people killed.


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