FINALLY OVER? Michigan’s ILLEGAL Recounts Halted

Posted: December 7, 2016 in FRONT PAGE


The Federal judge in Michigan, who overstepped his constitutional authority on Monday, today backed off and halted the illegal Michigan recount he started 2 days ago.

The recount in Michigan should not happen for many reasons, the biggest being Jill Stein is NOT an aggrieved party; there is NO chance she won Michigan, therefore she has no grounds to demand a recount.

Just so you know… If Crooked Hillary does not overturn and win all 3 states: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, then she CAN’T win.

So… It appears the election is finally over. BUT, Hillary Stein is appealing in Michigan, and there is a court hearing pending in Pennsylvania.

As of 12/7/2016 @ 9PM: only Wisconsin is recounting. Pennsylvania and Michigan are not. All states must certify by 12/13/2016.

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