CHICKENSHIT Leonardo DiCaprio Sneaks In The Backdoor To Meet With President Elect Donald Trump- Refuses To Talk To Press Afterwards

Posted: December 8, 2016 in FRONT PAGE


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Leo DiCaprio. What a coward. The President Elect gave him an audience, even though Leo accused critics of his climate change HOAX as being backwards and “not a part of the modern world.” What’s the deal?

Why would Leo avoid the press?

I would think it would’ve been a golden opportunity to share his half-baked tree-hugging religion with the world. He could’ve been on the front page of every newspaper in America; he could’ve been on every morning show, demonstrating his extensive environmental knowledge acquired from years of studying for his GED.

GED? Really? Oh, sorry, I thought Leo was an expert? No. Leo’s a high-school drop out.


Here is scientific fact Leo; you probably missed it when you dropped out of high school:


This circle of life is important to understand! See? Humans inhale Oxygen, exhale Carbon Dioxide. Let’s start there.

As you can see: We are not running out of Oxygen, nor are we creating too much Carbon Dioxide, nor are we hurting plants by being alive. There is absolutely no proof to the contrary.

What happens when more humans show up? Humans breathe in Oxygen; exhale Carbon Dioxide. Plants LIKE Carbon Dioxide. Plants LIKE Humans.

Plants, being highly adaptable, industrious little things, sense the extra Carbon Dioxide in the air, so they: mature faster, grow taller, grow greener, more plush…


There is no human-winnable conflict between men and plants. Plants are far more adaptable than people. Plant’s energy comes from the sun; they do not require shelter; they can grow just about anywhere on land, and in water. In fact most of Earth’s Oxygen comes from plants living in the ocean, (plankton).

If all of the trees on Earth were clearcut and burnt in a giant bonfire; we still would not run out of Oxygen: plankton in the ocean would mass replicate and cover every square inch of the water. End result: no trees, more people, plenty of oxygen.


Earth adapts to us. More people YIELDS more Carbon Dioxide YIELDS more plants YIELDS more Oxygen. More plants YIELDS more smoke.



Bottom line: More human produced Carbon Dioxide yields more plants- More plants yields more Oxygen. This is why Earth will never run out of Oxygen; it is also why anyone claiming: ‘Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant’ is dangerous.

If Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant, then humans are a pollutant. Get it?

So, if you actually believe Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant, you are worse than a fucking Nazi! Hitler wanted to kill some people, and wanted superior humans to breed and take their place. Lebensraum.

Climate change radicals want humanity itself to die. This leads to scary places; a scary road (train tracks) to go down. That’s the road you’re on.


Train tracks to Auschwitz.

I don’t hate you though, Leo, even though you are advocating the destruction of America’s economy and ultimately my life. I assume you were manipulated by the men who abused you sexually growing up in Hollywood. They are some sick pizza-eating fucks.

There are dangerous people in the world, who believe in eugenics and population control. They believe there are too-many people in the world, so they’d like a massive population reduction.

When you fight on their side, you are fighting against the whole human race, and since plants like people, you’re fighting against them too.



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