HUSH: Censorship In America

Posted: December 10, 2016 in FRONT PAGE


The 2016 campaign was nothing short of a political insurrection. President Elect Donald Trump and his supporters battled not just a well funded political machine; we also fought against a hostile, globalist-controlled mainstream media; miraculously we won!

Many people, including myself, are very angry at the mainstream media for its vicious, unfair and unbalanced smears on us, and our chosen candidate.

Obama blames Fox News and “fake news…” Reality: Fox News, and America’s so-called “conservative” punditry were nearly as hostile toward candidate Donald Trump as MSNBC, CNN, and the so-called “liberal” press.

They called us deplorables. They attacked us in the press. They attacked us in the streets.

The accepted narrative for this media bias is that most media outlets are filled with liberal democrats, therefore our news is biased. The truth is much scarier. The TRUTH: our press is a controlled organism, just like PRAVDA in the days of the former Soviet Union.

Behind the scenes, pulling the strings, the globalists were busy leveraging media outlets to present a one sided view of the 2016 race; what’s even worse: it wasn’t just the mainstream media; alternative media was under assault too.

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy, I knew I had to become involved. I created a blog: a Facebook page: and a Twitter account: When my Facebook page and Twitter page started reaching critical mass: both accounts were suspended. It was heartbreaking.

Building a Blog, Twitter or Facebook following is hard work; it requires many hours of thought and action. In the initial stages of creation, you may work several hours or even days to create something great, only to discover that few people see it, and even fewer share it. When critical mass is reached, (when some of your readers become enthusiastic,) you work less and receive more views. When Facebook and Twitter shut you down for no justifiable reason they have killed a small business built on their platform.

Consider a Facebook page liked by a million people, when that page posts a story, or a meme, thousands of people see and interact with the content and each other. This interaction makes Facebook and Twitter rich, because they can sell advertising based on time spent viewing those interactions. These highly-trafficked accounts should be treated as content partners; they should receive royalties for their contributions, instead, these platforms (Twitter and Facebook) collect their advertising revenues, and ban the very accounts that feed them. No reasonable, self-interested business would do this! In a world based on capitalism and profit, accounts that garnered the most eyeballs and emotion would be cherished and rewarded. They weren’t.


Hypothesis, do with it what you wish: The big money behind these social-media platforms is the U.S. government and globalist interests; they exert leverage on Facebook and Twitter forcing them to comply.

Conspiracy theory? Maybe.

There are two possibilities: either mainstream social media is biased enough to kill there own content providers, (hurting their revenue,) or the revenue losses from banning colorful accounts is “peanuts” compared to the monthly revenue they earn from other sources.

Facebook and Twitter are content providers, similar to traditional media- the more content, the more diversity of content, the more eyeballs, the more money. Facebook and Twitter have lost millions in forfeited ad revenue by banning Trump supporters, and losing the advertising-impressions our content would’ve generated. Yet they banned me.

I’m not alone. This happened to thousands of us, some with much larger followings.


So, what can be done?

First, recognize that your time and energy are valuable, and the content you create and share are also valuable. See yourself as a content creator, NOT a “user.”

This seems obvious, but many people don’t see it. When a Twitter or Facebook “user” posts or shares, and it is shared by many, this is creating wealth (ad revenue) for the platform.

Second, recognize that any platform that is willing to censor your political-speech is evil, and doesn’t deserve your energy!


I’m giving GAB a try; I’ll let you know how it works out.

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