Body Blow- 5-finger death punch

Posted: December 11, 2016 in FRONT PAGE

President Elect Donald Trump’s amazing victory reminds me of round 7 of Ward VS Sanchez.

  • Sanchez was favored to win.
  • Every judge had Ward losing.
  • The referee had Ward losing.
  • Sanchez had landed more punches.
  • The pundits believed the fight was hopeless and should be stopped…

THEN, listen to the announcers as you watch round 7:

I keep hearing the “popular vote” argument, when I hear it, I think of this fight and this map:


The yellow states are all states won by Obama in 2008. Donald Trump focussed all his energy and resources there. Donald Trump could have visited and spent money in California, New York, Texas if the contest had been about population: it wasn’t.

Instead, Donald Trump focussed all his energy on 14 states + 1 that Obama won in 2008: he won 8 of them plus Maine district 1, and all of Nebraska.



Anyone arguing about the popular vote is foolish. There’s only one number that matters: the electoral vote, and it wasn’t even close! How many times did you hear on TV: if Trump loses Florida, he can’t win… WRONG. if Trump loses OHIO he can’t win…WRONG.

Trump won by nearly enough to have lost TEXAS!!! +36 is HUGE!

Why did Hillary win the popular vote?

Hillary Clinton spent over a billion dollars, she ran up the illegal immigrant vote in California. PERIOD. Worthless. Remove California from the equation Trump wins the popular vote. (Not that it matters.)



“I’ve taken a five-finger death punch like that, and let me tell you how it feels: A punch like that causes all sorts of strange satellite pain, express-delivered by your scrambled, panicking nervous system.

You can feel a punch like that in the arches of your feet, in your balls, in your back, in your eyes.

A punch like that somehow leaves you gasping for air and feeling as though you’re full of air all at once.

A punch like that makes you feel, frankly, like you’re going to shit your trunks.

But more than anything else, a punch like that puts a terrible picture in your head: You can see this black, spreading stain just under your skin, all of your body’s essentials bleeding out and filling spaces where they don’t have any business.

A punch to the head can make you feel dizzy or woozy or sleepy, but it doesn’t hurt, exactly.

A punch like that one, like the one Hopkins slipped into De La Hoya, makes you feel as though you’re about to die.”

“Body-shot knockouts aren’t bloody until the victim tries to take a piss later.“


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