Louie Gohmert Has #NoBalls @replouiegohmert

Posted: March 24, 2017 in FRONT PAGE
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You probably don’t know this douchebag Louie Gohmert, unless you’re one of the hundreds of people who watch CSPAN. He’s allegedly a leader of the conservatives, the so-called “Freedom Caucus” in the House. I watched him the other day make a speech about how he’s opposing President Trump’s healthcare plan because he’s a friend. OK. Friend?

Louie Gohmert is from Texas – according to a fake news source: he’s from a district where 72% of his constituents voted for Trump. 72%!!!

Louie Gohmert has said, defiantly, he can’t support President Trump’s healthcare plan.

To be clear, there is a binary choice in the vote to take place today:

  1. Vote with president Trump and the Republican majority.
  2. Keep the status quo- leave Obama care alone, allow it to continue killing American jobs, and destroying America’s healthcare system.

Louie Gohmert wants you to believe there is a third option that he supports, there isn’t. Only two options: support president Trump’s plan or support the status quo. Like the douchebags who voted for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in this past election, pretending to be “noble” – instead of acknowledging the fact that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton was going to be president – Louie does not have the balls to state plainly, frankly, “I LOVE OBAMA CARE.”

Louie, the world has changed. You spoke the other day about how John Quincy Adams destroyed his career by making a bad political decision early in his presidency. Well it ain’t 1825 no more. We are in a new age, an age where 20 million ACTIVE Trump Supporters can easily eviscerate you or anyone like you.

You think Mark Levin can save you? You think the Koch brothers can save you? From us? They can’t. They are a Maginot line – political media warfare has changed – we will go around them and straight at you in your home district: memes, blog posts, youtube videos, tweets: We, the Trump Army, will destroy your political future. This blog post is but a shot across the bow. Convince your so called “Freedom Caucus” friends to support Donald Trump or be eviscerated by us.

This is your only warning.

Do the right thing Louie Gohmert, and I’ll delete this post.



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  1. TwoLaine says:

    FOLLOW THE MONEY… It’s the Anti-TRUMPers again.

    Koch brothers vow to spend millions to stop GOP health bill
    23 Mar 2017

    “Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk and Americans for Prosperity policy director Akash Chougule on why the Koch brothers are trying to stop the GOP health care bill.”


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