Final Thoughts On The So Called “Freedom Caucus”

Posted: March 26, 2017 in FRONT PAGE
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Donald Trump’s Presidency should be viewed as a long football game, with different rules:

  1. The team with possession of the ball gets to keep the ball until there’s a turnover. So, when a touchdown is made, the team that scored receives the kickoff. There are no downs, the team with possession does not have to make ten yards every four downs.
  2. There is no time limit in the game.

Imagine a game like this? A team with a smash-mouth grind-it-out no-mistake conservative-running offense could literally play and score forever against an inept, unfocussed team. Final score could be 1000s of points to zero. This is how Republicans: conservative; libertarian-leaning; moderate; neocon – should view this unique time in American history.

We have a Republican President! Remember the last 8 years? Whoever controls the Whitehouse, controls the ability to score. The Republicans have not scored a touchdown since early in Bush 43’s term.

The Democrats are a failed, unfocussed party without leadership and without talented players. The media is driven by ratings, but also, they are untrusted. Their attacks are amateur at best. So-called scandals can’t force a turnover. Only a true mistake can cause a turnover. Bottom line, the Democrats do not have an opportunity to put points on the board for four years. Even if Democrats take over the House and Senate, their ability to score points is likely to be zero for eight years. If Republicans stick together, grind out and fight for small victories, for every little inch: in two years the cumulative victories will gain them seats in the House and Senate.

That brings us to the health-care bill that just failed due to the actions of 30 Republicans.

I’ve read the argument on the side of the so-called conservatives, that the Ryan plan was a bad bill and it’s good that it was defeated. Hmm. Really? Does that hold water? Question: is Obama-Care as it now stands better than the Ryan plan? No. Make that argument, I dare you.

I love football. (Boycotted it because of Collin Kaepernick, but that’s another story.) I love watching big break-open plays, deep passes that score- as a real fan though, I also love the four yard runs, the quarter-back sneaks, the field goals that add up at the end.

If you didn’t like the Ryan plan, if you believe government has no business in health-care and only a total repeal of Obama-care is acceptable: I understand your point of view, but, THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN; IT WOULDN’T MAKE IT THROUGH THE SENATE; NOR THE HOUSE; AND TRUMP WOULD VETOE IT. That’s right, a plan written by the “Freedom Caucus” would have been vetoed by President Trump himself. Trump has said repeatedly he supports a government safety-net for poor people. And before you get all high and mighty, Obama-care was not the beginning of government health-care. Medicare, Medicaid, and guaranteed emergency-room care for indigents has been the law of the land for over 60 years. Don’t like it? Vote libertarian.

What’s cheaper, theoretically treating indigents in Emergency rooms for free? Or giving indigents access to low-quality insurance? Which is more conservative? To me it’s obvious, if we’re not going to allow poor kids with strep-throats to die: AND WE’RE NOT. We must get them out of the emergency room, and into a Doctor’s office. It’s OK with me if the indigent wait in line all day at a government clinic, and then see a nurse practitioner instead of a physician. That’s fine. Whatever it takes to save lives and lower the cost.

That’s where the inches theory comes in. If you believe that Ryan-care was better than Obama-care. If you trust Donald Trump, and believe him when he says there were three phases to his plan. Then you’ve got to see this bill’s failure only one way: we did not gain any yards. I would have viewed Ryan-care as three touchdowns. Maybe you might see it only as an incremental gain of a few yards. But there is no way possible to view this bill’s defeat as a good thing.


The “Freedom Caucus” can block every piece of legislation from here on out. That’s a lot of power. It’s like having a lighter in a room soaked in gasoline, sure you’ve got some power, sure you can force others to listen, but if you ignite your lighter EVERYBODY LOSES. The Republican party needs to respect one another, and realize we have a unique opportunity to put a whole-lotta yards on the board in the next two years.

  • 15% corporate taxes.
  • no government mandate for insurance.
  • school vouchers.
  • end illegal immigration.
  • end funding of planned parenthood.
  • rebuild our military.
  • fix the VA.

If the Republicans can accomplish just a few of those things, they will be the ONLY political party in America for the foreseeable future. This will require hard work, and a commitment to work together for inches. Always gain inches! Never take a loss!

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