Will Susan Rice Squeal on Obama? Or Go To Jail Herself?

Posted: April 4, 2017 in FRONT PAGE

Do all roads lead to Obama?

Demand jail time! Retweet and repost on social media to show your outrage! ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN are trying to bury this story! Obama spied on President Trump for one reason: to give crooked Hillary an edge in the election. That’s illegal! They ALL need to go to jail!


This is a CALL TO ARMS! Spread this story EVERYWHERE!


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 2.39.42 PM


One final point, the NSA is a spy agency, NOT an investigative body. If the NSA had discovered evidence of a crime, their ONLY appropriate action would have been to share the intel with an investigative agency: FBI/STATE LOCAL etc—

President Obama has no investigative authority, there is NO excusable reason for OBAMA to have had access to ANY of Trump’s private recordings.

We are not subjects! We are sovereign citizens! The President has no more right to listen to Trump’s private conversations than ANY OTHER CITIZEN! Reminds me of this:


I know this is complicated to understand for many people, but here goes:

The NSA has the GOD LIKE authority to open up the cameras and microphones on any person at any time.

The reason they have been entrusted with this authority is to keep America safe from terrorism. Think nuke strike.

The President receives intel from the NSA to keep him informed about potential terrorist threats etc.

Their is no conceivable reason why Obama should have been able to access a single one of President Trump’s conversations. NONE! Even if Donald Trump had been working with the Russians, and the NSA had discovered some evidence of this, the only LEGAL thing the NSA could have done with that intelligence is inform the FBI. The FBI could not have used ANY of that intelligence in proving a crime, however, (it’s illegally obtained since no warrant was issued.) The FBI would then have had to begin an investigation and seek “wire tap” warrants. The NSA informing President Obama of a ‘suspicion’ not related to his job IS A CRIME. Get it? The NSA has a right to peek. This is lower level, grunt work stuff. The NSA would have been allowed to pass a tip to the FBI. (This has been challenged, but upheld. The FBI would have no right to the NSA data, period. They could start an investigation, that’s it. The fact that Susan Rice had the data can ONLY mean one thing: IT’S POLITICAL, PERIOD!

Obama has no right to use cameras to spy on private citizens, they are not his personal toys.

Obama had no right to listen in on private conversations – not just phone calls – ANY CELL PHONE IN A ROOM CAN RECORD AT THE WHIM OF NSA! PS: Where did the Billy Bush tape come from?

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