Dead ISIS Babies, Chemical Weapons, Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, WW3 – Oh Fireworks! LOVELY!

Posted: April 11, 2017 in FRONT PAGE
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Many of us had a rather rude awakening the other day, when President Trump suggested he’d changed his thoughts on his relationship with the dictator in Syria (Assad) and the Russian dictator (Putin) – I was one of them. Why? Why the fireworks? Is President Donald Trump, who I consider a genius, a “master of 3d chess” – has he really changed? I wrote this post because no one else has – I wrote this post because I know the real reasons President Donald Trump attacked Syria on 4/6/2017. Before I tell you why he ordered the Syria attack, I need to explain why he did not order the attack.

Start World War 3?

“Let ’em bomb ’em!” “Bomb the hell out of them!” Candidate Donald Trump saying attacking Russia and Syria is not what The U.S. should be doing. Talk like this got him elected – Has he changed?

Tell It To Their Face.

Here, candidate Donald Trump makes it clear he’s tough enough to tell Syrian children refugees they can’t come here. Has he changed?



When President Trump started talking about Syria killing little babies with nerve gas, I coldly rolled my eyes in disgust. Half-a-million men women and children have been killed in Syria. Fucking shame. Is choking on nerve gas really worse than being shot? Bludgeoned? Bombed? Burned? Ripped apart? I thought we were fighting ISIS? I thought Syria was fighting ISIS? The enemy of my enemy is my ally. Did President Trump change his foreign policy strategy based on video coverage of dead babies? Really? Dead babies? We’re gonna potentially start WW3 over some dead babies who were probably already in league with ISIS? Fuck ISIS babies!

What’s red and hangs from the ceiling?

An ISIS baby on a meathook.

What’s the perfect gift for a dead ISIS baby?

A dead ISIS puppy.

What’s the difference between unloading a truck filled with dead ISIS babies versus a truck filled with bowling balls?

You can use a pitchfork to unload dead ISIS babies.

Why did President Trump choose to attack Syria? Was it really a concern for dead ISIS babies? Possible, but highly unlikely. While President Donald Trump does have a big heart, he’s also quite aware of the suffering in Aleppo – the white phosphorus, the barrel bombs and all the other destruction and baby killing that has already occurred. Nope, dead ISIS babies had little to do with his decision. Going to war to save foreign enemy babies would not be a true America First position. America First is putting American’s needs above the needs of fucking foreigners. There isn’t a single foreigner, especially a savage muslim, worth a single American life. President Donald Trump used dead ISIS babies as an excuse for attack.

Presidential candidate Trump did say he would leave Russia and Syria alone to fight ISIS within Syria. Unprecedented? No. In World War 2 America allied with Stalin, (a murderous communist who massacred more Russian Christians in concentration camps than fascist Hitler killed Jews,) against Hitler. America chose the lesser of two evils. And when reports came back to American intelligence towards the end of the war, that Stalin’s invading forces were murdering and raping German civilians – WE DID NOTHING.

Was this the right course of action? To ally with a monster to defeat another monster? And worse, when the Russian monster behaves like a monster to look the other way?

Imagine how different the world would have looked if Truman had grown a set of balls and not allowed the Soviet Union to rape the Eastern Block countries at the conclusion of WW2.

President Trump has given Russia and Assad leeway to defeat ISIS, BUT if they behave like butchers, President Trump will NOT allow it. But why?

Why did President Trump behave this way? This week? Was it truly because the images of dead ISIS babies changed his mind? No. That was an excuse. President Trump needed to bomb someone this week, Assad and Putin gave him an excuse to hit Syria. It had nothing to do with dead ISIS babies.

FALSE REASON TWO: Chemical Weapons.

The [blast] kill mechanism against living targets is unique—and unpleasant…. What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs…. If the fuel deflagrates but does not detonate, victims will be severely burned and will probably also inhale the burning fuel. Since the most common FAE fuels, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, are highly toxic, undetonated FAE should prove as lethal to personnel caught within the cloud as most chemical agents…

The effect of an FAE explosion within confined spaces is immense. Those near the ignition point are obliterated. Those at the fringe are likely to suffer many internal, and thus invisible injuries, including burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, ruptured lungs and internal organs, and possibly blindness.

Are chemical weapons really off limits in modern warfare?

This is an image of how a Fuel Air Explosive works. A chemical mist engulfs a target with a gasoline-like chemical, then ignites; very effective. The U.S. has been using chemical weapons like this for decades. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. So let me get this straight, if you spray a baby with chemicals, then set the baby on fire is that OK? Answer yes. So outrage over chemical weapons is not the reason Trump attacked Syria.

FALSE REASON THREE: Donald Trump Was Tricked.

I’ve heard the talk from pundits like Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham. Steve Bannon is out; Jared Kushner is in. America First out; neoconservatism in. Donald Trump has been fooled by the neocons, which surround him, into war. Bullshit. First, let me state the obvious: Donald Trump is smarter than most men walking the earth, President Trump’s a genius, PERIOD – not easily fooled. This is why he’s a self-made billionaire married to a supermodel. Any alleged Trump supporter subscribing to the “naive-President-Trump theory” needs to get a grip; if anyone honestly believes President Donald Trump can be fooled by “lightweights” then they were never real Trump supporters to begin with. This is a dangerous line of thinking – if Donald Trump can be fooled into war then we elected the wrong man.

So, if it wasn’t dead babies, nor chemical weapons, nor naivety – what was it? Why did Donald Trump change his position on Syria?


REAL REASON ONE: Madman Theory.

I call it the Madman Theory, Bob. I want the North Vietnamese to believe I’ve reached the point where I might do anything to stop the war. We’ll just slip the word to them that, ‘for God’s sake, you know Nixon is obsessed about communism. We can’t restrain him when he’s angry—and he has his hand on the nuclear button’ and Ho Chi Minh himself will be in Paris in two days begging for peace.

Richard Nixon

During the Vietnam conflict, Nixon believed if he could convince his adversaries he was capable of anything, this would give him an edge in negotiation. Donald Trump calls this characteristic of himself “unpredictability.”

One of the reasons Donald Trump is president right now, and not someone else, is his opponents did not know what he would do next. This is the first reason why Donald Trump attacked Syria: he wants our adversaries world wide to fear his unpredictability giving him an edge in future negotiations. He wants them to fear him; so do I.

REAL REASON TWO: Domestic Politics.

Any political science student can tell you about the “rally around the flag” affect. What does that mean? When America starts bombing other countries, a President’s approval rating goes up. Why? The theory: in times of war humans, (being tribal creatures,) get closer to their tribe. The President, as leader of the tribe, always benefits. Remember post 9/11 all the American flags and W Bush’s approval rating went through the roof? As a student of history, surrounded by political scientists, President Donald Trump is well aware of this fact.

“Rally around the flag” does not last very long, but a good bombing like this: probably good for a 5 to 10 point pop in the polls.

Bombing Syria has the potential to accomplish the following domestic political objectives:

  1. Help his popularity with the neocons.
  2. Help his popularity with the globalists.
  3. Help his popularity with the polls.
  4. Help him eliminate the Russia-gate myth.
  5. Help him assume the title of alpha-male of the world. (Global popularity should go up.)

“So let me get this straight, I can launch a few cruise missiles and become more popular at home?” “Yup.” Nearly every president has done this, Donald Trump is no fool. It’s sad in a way, but is it? I mean do we really give a shit about Assad? Assad is like a loudmouth at a bar that no-one likes, a stranger walks up to him and cold-cocks him- are you gonna cry? I’m not. How do you feel about the stranger? Better or worse?

As a Trump supporter realize this: if you want Donald Trump to succeed in his agenda, his poll numbers NEED to go up! His success as a president will mean that all the things we want: the wall, ISIS destroyed, North Korea disarmed, Iran disarmed, taxes lowered, NATO paying its tab – ETC – all these things require a president that has good poll numbers. His success is our success. President Trump would be foolish not to launch a few cruise missiles when the opportunity arises. Like it or not, this is a tool of the American President, has been for centuries. People need their bread and circus.


Many people confuse the term “non-globalist” to mean “libertarian” or “isolationist” – nope.

A globalist believes the needs of foreigners (in maintaining a global order,) come before the needs of Americans. A globalist, for example, would order American soldiers to unnecessarily risk their lives to minimize enemy civilian casualties. (Politically correct war fighting.) A globalist would spend a decade in Iraq trying to create a “democracy,” even though those savages need another America-friendly dictator.

A true Libertarian naively believes we can ignore global problems. Things like the ability to transport products in oceans free of pirates do not matter to them. Thomas Jefferson started as a Libertarian, he learned quickly that bad people will attack you even if you mind your own business. The muslims are coming for us, like it or not. America was forced to build a Navy and an Army. Eventually, when the British Empire collapsed, we were forced into Pax Americana.

I’m not a Libertarian – that’s naive. I’m not a globalist, meaning specifically I want American soldiers, American workers, American business, and American interests to always come first. What does that mean?

To me it’s pretty obvious that I benefit greatly living in the American Empire. Like it or not, the American Empire is. America was forced into the role of Empire during the 20th century. But, that does not mean Americans need to sacrifice our own personal well being for the sake of empire – on the contrary – there should be many benefits to owning the fucking world.

Nations under our umbrella should pay us for protection, PERIOD. It’s ridiculous that American tax payers are footing the bill to defend Japan and South Korea from North Korea (which has 1/10th the GDP of Puerto Rico!) This is just one example, there are many.

We pay the bill even though Japan and South Korea have 500 times the resources of North Korea?

That being said, America is an Empire; we lead a global coalition; we lead the civilized world. When Assad used chemical weapons we had to step in not because President Donald Trump hates chemical weapons personally, but because using chemical weapons is against the rules of the world America owns.

I am an imperialist, not a globalist. I don’t exist to benefit the world, the world exists to benefit ME. But, as owners we do have obligations – one of them is enforcing international law (when we want to.)

From an America-First IMPERIALIST perspective: We need to defend South Korea and Japan for free for now – this is an ancient obligation President Trump inherited but has promised to fix. We made a deal with them: we will provide your security in exchange for your disarmament. Stupid deal I know, but the deal exists.

We bombed Syria for two Empire focussed reasons:

  1. To make it clear to our allies and friends we still see ourselves as The Empire, and will fight to defend international law.
  2. To make it clear to China and North Korea: we are capable of launching a preemptive strike. (More on this later.)


Russia has been fighting in Syria for cheap money. They have not needed to move naval and missile defense forces to Syria because, up till now we’ve allowed it. This ends now. From now on it will cost Russia much more money to be on the side of Iran and Syria. Russia wants to pretend it’s still a superpower, OK? If Russia’s a superpower, how come we can bomb their ally with impunity any time we choose? Answer: because they are not a real superpower. Being a superpower is expensive when competing with a real superpower. Russia’s military expenditures in the Syrian conflict have just gone up many times. If they continue on the side of Iran and Syria their military expenditures will bankrupt them. It’s much cheaper to fight an enemy without the ability to fight back, up till now their costs have been 4 million a day, President Trump just made Russia’s Syrian war far more expensive.

I expect Russian military expenditures, in blood and treasure, to increase by so much that they decide to discontinue supporting Assad. If you notice, President Trump’s Tomahawk strike was designed to damage the most expensive things at the airbase: radars, refueling, and aircraft. If Russia wants to defend these things in the future, which they will, it will cost them far more money.


Syria is strategically important to Russia, (Tartus is Russia’s last foreign-soil naval base in Syria.) But it’s also important to Iran. In order to defeat Iran’s nuclear program, Syria must be dislodged from Iran. Why? Because in order to export and import with the world, Syria provides Iran access. Why did sanctions fail to cripple Iran? Syria. Syria acted as Iran’s black market during sanctions.

Why the neocons want Syria:

  1. Take away Russia’s last foreign naval base.
  2. Hurt Iran.

I agree with neocon reason two, not reason one. In my opinion, a deal can be made with Russia to keep Tartus, dislodge Assad, and isolate Iran.


Russia is fighting ISIS, but this is not their number-one goal; their main goal is quelling the CIA operation to dislodge Assad. Yes, Obama created the “Arab spring,” and yes Obama and the neocons began the Syrian civil war. Further, Obama created ISIS. Where did ISIS get its weapons? Hint: not from Russia, not from Europe. Obama made ISIS. Savages.

So, President Trump has inherited Obama’s war. Obama, Mccain, Graham, Clinton, and Kerry decided it was in America’s best interest to arm muslim radicals to overthrow Assad (this happened in many muslim nations.) This is where ISIS came from.

President Trump has committed to defeating ISIS. In order to defeat ISIS quickly, Russia must ally with The U.S. We will allow Russia to focus their energy on this endeavor, but we will no longer allow them to focus on propping up Assad.



“Did you enjoy the evening’s fireworks?”

So, while the Chinese dictator was dining with President Trump, America was bombing Syria.

Imagine how Xi Jinping must have felt knowing that America has the tech to attack the second-most-powerful military on Earth, and they are totally defenseless. Imagine how he must have felt knowing Trump has the balls to do this?

A month before President Trump was elected, the fake-news Washington Post announced to the world that America was helpless to act in Syria because of Russia’s big-bad missile-defense system has been installed in Syria:

LOL! Wrong! Tomahawk Cruise missiles have been in service since 1983! 25-year-old American technology! The Russians STILL have no defense for them, and yes Tomahawks can be armed with nukes.

At 4 AM, when the fat-ass cheese-eating Korean leader wakes up in the middle of the night to snack, he may discover that America has some new weapons that he can’t defend against.

Many assume America does not have the ability to strike North Korea, therefore it won’t happen… I still remember the first morning of desert storm, the stealth fighter developed in the 70s being used for the first time.

At the time, this plane was just a rumor. What planes and weapons does America have access to now? I’m ready to see some fireworks, I’m tired of fat-ass Kim running his mouth and threatening the world.


I wrote this article for the faithful, for the diehard President Donald Trump supporters. World War 3 has already begun – whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. It’s a war against radical islam – a war against Iran – a war against Syria – and a war against North Korea. I hope and pray Russia and China decide to back down – I suspect they will. Despite what you may have heard or believe – Russia and China are nothing to fear: every American naval vessel is carrying nukes, and we have real missile defense our adversaries do not.

If you want to live in a world with a nuclear armed Iran and North Korea, then you should have supported crooked Hillary.

It’s time to back Donald Trump to the hilt, period. He’s playing a high stakes game of poker, with Russia and China, he doesn’t need fair-weather supporters. Back him! Have faith! And pray his gamble works out.

Ecclesiastes 3
New International Version (NIV)

A Time for Everything

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:
    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
 a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
   a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
 a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
   a time for war and a time for peace.


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