Where Was Ann Coulter When President Trump SOLVED North Korea?

Posted: April 13, 2017 in FRONT PAGE
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I read Ann Coulter’s scathing rebuke of Donald Trump this morning; couldn’t help thinking: Ann just doesn’t get it. Why’s Ann Coulter so full of shit?  I decided it was probably the fact that Coulter’s not really that smart – like she’d have to be to have the same level of success if she had a penis. Affirmative action personified- rewarded for having ovaries like no-talent Carly Fiorina. I’ll have to reassess my feelings about her. Immediately, I thought of this scene in Fight Club:

TYLER: “This is the greatest moment of your life man! And you’re off somewhere missing it.”

Haven’t seen Fight Club? Go see it immediately; a masterpiece. Perfect music; perfect story; perfect actors; perfect dialog – 500 years from now Fight Club will be appreciated like modern man cherishes great art of the renaissance.

One of the great scenes in Fight Club: the “chemical-burn scene” – Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt,) forces The Narrator (Edward Norton,) to face: his pain; fears; mortality; reality – Tyler does this by pouring lye, (a chemical agent which dissolves human flesh,) on the back of The Narrator’s right hand. As The Narrator’s skin blisters and burns, he attempts, (multiple times,) to shut his pain off by going into guided meditation – sending his mind to a place of bliss, a neural paradise void of the reality of searing flesh.

The abbreviated interaction between the two characters:

The Narrator shuts his eyes – attempts meditation. Tyler jerks The Narrator’s hand then says,

Tyler: “Stay with the pain, don’t shut this out.”

The Narrator screams – attempts to break free of Tyler’s grip –

Tyler: “Look at your hand! … Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing!”

The Narrator closes his eyes a second time; attempts guided-meditation to turn his pain off  again – Tyler jerks his hand –

Tyler: “Stop it! This is your pain! This is your burning hand! It’s right here!”

The Narrator tries to go back into meditation a third time – Tyler bangs the table, throws his glove across the room –

Tyler: “No! Don’t deal with it the way those dead people do. Come on! … What you’re feeling is premature enlightenment.”

The Narrator tries to go back into meditation a fourth time – Tyler slaps him in the face-

TYLER: “This is the greatest moment of your life man! And you’re off somewhere missing it!”

Americans have been avoiding confronting our pain for so long, that when a president finally has the balls to do it, he gets criticized by some of his closest so-called allies. July 27, 1953 the Korean Armistice agreement was signed. Over sixty years ago. 23,271 days ago. In case you’re unaware what an armistice is, it is a temporary cease fire. Technically, we are still at war with North Korea, and, they are focussing all their energy to create nukes, with the goal of blackmailing the U.S.

In that time period, American Presidents have ignored the Korean problem and allowed it to fester. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama – losers, lightweights.

In the next week, the Korean War, will be solved by President Donald Trump. What a great time to be alive! To witness our genius President in action! His bold, decisive genius! To watch how Trump solves North Korea, in real time, largely unfiltered – truly a blessing!

“May you live in interesting times.” 

That brings me back to Adam’s Apple Ann.

Coulter, this intellectual-lightweight, is taking cheap-shots at our president – an American hero – who has pledged his life – his fortune – his sacred honor to work for America for free. For free! No salary! President Trump’s getting unfairly pummeled daily from all sides – Ann thinks it’s OK to earn a paycheck attacking our president because he can’t fight back? If he fights back, blondie gets free publicity, if he doesn’t man-hands-Ann gets a free hit. “Supporters” who unfairly criticize our President, as he and his great team actively work to solve this North Korean problem, are treasonous. Remember Hanoi Jane?

Doesn’t Ann understand why we elected him? We elected Donald Trump because he has the courage to name our challenges, without mincing words. To tell the truth! We elected Donald Trump to solve our many great problems, difficult problems – many of which have been festering for generations. Problems so troubling, so odious, most Americans can’t even think about them, nor talk about them. For example:

  • Immigration.
  • Taxation.
  • North Korea.
  • Radical Islam.
  • Syria.
  • Iran.
  • The military industrial complex.
  • Our corrupt media.
  • The birther issue.
  • Corruption in high places.
  • Our trade deficit.
  • Health care.

This week, North Korea will be crossed off the above list, and Ann Coulter is criticizing Donald Trump for a missile strike last week? I wish Ann would wake up! Take her huge head out of the sand! Donald Trump launched Tomahawks into Syria last week as part of a grand strategy! Trump attacked Syria, to solve North Korea. Yes, President Donald Trump is that fucking smart! Ann Coulter is behaving like a treasonous cunt. It’s not the first time. Why is Ann missing this? Is it penis envy? Is Coulter on the rag? Was it just an emotional response? Is it Ann’s inability to think strategically?

Russians, historically, are masters of chess; consistently Russians (not women – Russian men,) have dominated the sport. American men are great at chess also, but we see chess as a sport for nerds, a sport without enough financial reward to be interesting. Russian men see chess differently.

Poker, on the other hand – poker that’s a sport that’s real to Americans. America produces the best poker players in the world by far. American professional poker players have earned $5.4 BILLION, that’s $5 BILLION more than the second place country England.

My point? Donald Trump has a brilliant strategic mind – he took on the entire political and media establishments; the largest, most-expensive psyop in the history of mankind, a deluge of lies unprecedented in human history, and he still won.

Donald Trump’s President. He earned it. He’s smarter than Ann Coulter. He’d beat Ann Coulter at chess, big league. Does Ann really think she’s smart enough to give Trump advice? Come on, really? Ann’s an affirmative-action curiosity, nothing more. If she wasn’t a blonde woman, who talks like Archie Bunker, no one would pay attention to anything she says. Fuck Ann Coulter.

One of the memes going around is that Donald Trump’s a master of 3d chess. I like this meme, but it’s only part of the story. Donald Trump is also a master of poker, a more-strategic, more vicious game in many ways. Great chess champions could potentially be great generals, but there’s much more to being a general than having the ability to think strategically. Poker is a far greater test of a general’s potential prowess in war. Watch the 2016 poker champion Qui Nguyen bear trap Thomas Marchese.

Beautiful! If you’re not a poker player, or if you’re unable to think strategically like Ann Coulter, you may not see the beauty in this hand, or how it relates to the high stakes poker hand Trump is playing with Kim Jong Un. I’ll help.

First the set up:

At this stage in the hand, we do not know who has the better hand. Both Marchese and Nguyen potentially have great hands. A $2 million pot at this stage, Nguyen pushes Marchese to commit more money by raising to $1.4 million. Risky. That takes balls, big ones. Doubt Ann Coulter would have the balls required.


After the first three cards flop (8 of diamonds, 9 of diamonds, 3 of clubs) neither player has much of anything. As you can see, Nguyen has only a 52% chance of winning at this point. The pot is $3,150,000. As you can also see, Nguyen has a much bigger stack of money to play with $27.5 million VS $11.1 million. Finally, neither player has a hand worth anything at this point – a pair of 2s would win the entire pot! They both check – (Neither adds money to the pot.) This is the right move to make at this point, doubt Ann Coulter would see that.


The next card flops: 5 of clubs. Two potential flushes: Nguyen: Ace high flush, Marchese, Jack high flush. If the next card is a club, (1 in 4 odds) Nguyen takes it. Nguyen has a 73% chance of victory. But, Marchese also has two club cards, Marchese also sees a 1 in 4 potential for a flush with the next card to flop. Scary. Both players have potentially good hands, but at this point both players could be defeated by a pair of 2s.

This is what makes poker a superior strategy game to chess in terms of a predictor in warfare. War is unpredictable, there IS an element of luck. In War, neither opponent can see an enemy’s cards. In war, the side with the most firepower doesn’t always win. In war, the side with the best hand doesn’t always win. War is won by reading an opponent’s actions, and trying to read their mind, their body language. War is also won by having courage when appropriate, and backing off when appropriate.

Nguyen throws $1 million into the pot. They are both hoping for a flush (1 in 4) but unknown to Marchese if the flush comes, he loses. A million dollars is 10 percent of Marchese’s cash, it’s only 4% of Nguyen’s. Pressure. Nguyen is being aggressive, but not overly aggressive. Nguyen’s setting a trap. Remember, Nguyen has the better hand, but the next card will determine everything. Again, at this point neither player has anything! A pair of twos wins!

Marchese takes the bait! Ouch! Raises $4 million! He makes it clear to Nguyen he’s ready to go all in.


Damn! Neither player has the winning hand, yet both players are representing they do. Nguyen technically has a 73% chance to win, but that doesn’t mean much, the next card means everything! Like I said, at this point a pair of twos takes it.

Nguyen plays weak, plays possum, continues his bear trap. Nguyen calls, doesn’t raise but calls. If Nguyen put all his chips in, Marchese might fold. By playing it cool, Nguyen will get all of Marchese’s money if the next card is a club. Pot is worth $11,150,000 and a pair of twos takes it! Neither player has anything, yet.

BAMN! Both players have a flush, both players believe they have unbeatable hands! Nguyen actually has the unbeatable hand. Here is where genius comes in, and reading your opponent. At this point Nguyen feels that Marchese was looking for the flush, and knows he’s got it. A less experienced poker player would probably have raised, which may have scared marchese into folding. By not raising, and keeping his cool, he’s set a nearly perfect, irresistible trap, will it work?

YES! Marchese takes the bait, it’s over. He committed every last dollar and got eliminated. Now, we see emotion, powerful emotion for the first time by Nguyen. Why did he show emotion? To intimidate the remaining players, poker is also a game of bravado. A game for alpha-males.


Who has the stronger team? Who has the stronger hand?
Wanna play fat boy?

As our armada steams toward North Korea, one thing I know, I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of this.

In conclusion, in order to enjoy this time in human history, focus not on the individual hands of poker Donald Trump plays – whether he folds, bluffs, or goes in heavier – realize Trump is not playing a single game of chess, nor a single hand of poker. This game has many hands and will last eight years! What may seem as a set-back isn’t, it’s all part of a longer-term strategy. Trump’s a master poker player;  a master of reading people; a master of leading people; a master of branding; a master of communication – he is using all of his skills to Make America Great Again! Have faith! Have courage! Trust! And if you’re on his side, BE THERE AND ENJOY IT!

Continuing on the poker analogy, in the next few days, Donald Trump will put Kim Jong Un in a position to go “all in” or fold. Kim Jong Un faces a difficult decision: if he explodes the nuke he has ready – the U.S. takes him out. If he backs down, (folds,) his people probably take him out within a short amount of time. Kim’s only winning move is to reach out through back channels and make a deal. HE HAS NO CHOICE! Trump has put him in a no-win situation, and it’s beautiful!


Chance Kim explodes the nuke. 5%. This will make him look strong, but will be actual suicide. We will attack, 89%.

Chance Kim does not explode the nuke and continues as if nothing happened. 3%. This would make him look weak, and be political suicide. In North Korea, “political” suicide means they kill your whole family.

Chance Kim tries to make a deal. 92%

Notice this, no matter what happens WE WIN. Either Kim is out of power in the next week by force, or Kim backs down, the Korean War ends, and both he and Trump are heroes. (Those odds I calculated in my head, doubt Ann Coulter’s good at math.)


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