CLASSIC Donald Trump – 1992 – Charlie Rose Interview

Posted: May 7, 2017 in FRONT PAGE

“… I would’ve wiped the floor with the guys that weren’t loyal… I love getting even with people… ”

Extreme wit.
Extreme talent.
Extreme HEART.
Extreme charisma.
Extreme competence.
Extreme intelligence.

There has never been a president as accomplished and skilled, in so many fields, who has given up so much, to bail out our broken nation. Thank you President Donald Trump for volunteering to save our republic!

Highly paid public speaker.
Best-selling author.
Marketing genius.
Reality TV star.

I will be happy when the scales are lifted from his enemies’ eyes and they see the fake-news “racist” smear for what it is. A vicious myth.

It is not racist to want a secure border. It is not racist to enforce our immigration laws. It is not racist to say importing muslims is not a good idea. It is not racist to say a POTUS needs to be a natural born citizen. The fake-media is controlled by globalist traitors, they are fighting POTUS tooth and nail because President Trump wants a strong America, (and globalists do not.)

“We knew you’d be here for us!”
Candidate Trump brings a truckload of food to flood victims in Louisiana.

TRUTH: America needs President Trump a-lot more than he needs us. In four years president Trump will win all 50 states. He’s an American hero, period.



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