AMBIGUOUS: “Hands Around Neck” Can Have Two Meanings. The Attempted Gianforte Lynching.

Posted: May 25, 2017 in FRONT PAGE

Ben Jacobs is a LIAR. How do I know? Follow along.

LIE # 1 Ben Jacobs Was “Body Slammed”
LIE # 2 Ben Jacobs Had Hands Placed Around Throat

Anyone who’s studied the art of putting an adversary on the ground will tell you: putting “hands around someone’s neck” is not the beginning of any trips or throws. However… When I heard the report of a sissy-boy (Ben Jacobs) from the liberal Guardian claim he was “body slammed” after candidate Gianforte began the “body slam” with “two hands around his neck” I was like, whoa. That make NO sense.

First, a body slam.

A body slam is a real move. However professional wrestlers – if you watch closely – design the move to transfer the momentum of force – of the man being slammed – to his feet- 98% of the move’s energy goes into the alleged victim’s feet. Also notice, the ring has give to it, unlike a hard floor. Professional wrestling is not real. It doesn’t seriously hurt the wrestlers. It’s designed that way.

A real-life “body slam,” however, would probably be fatal. Imagine all that force being transferred to a person’s back, from an unmoving ground. Does ANYONE believe the guardian reporter – who broke his glasses – was “body slammed”? No way. He’d be hospitalized. Pro-Wrestlers are professional stuntmen, they make it look easy, it ain’t.

So, what happened?

These are some common trips that most people probably know – what many may not know, these trips can be initiated by grabbing a man’s clothing – on either side of his neck – get it? When they say – these LIARS -“Gianforte put his hands around Ben Jacob’s neck” – I, like most, visualize a choking hold. This is on purpose, a deception.

In reality, I know they meant to say, “Gianforte grabbed Jacobs’s shirt on both sides of Jacobs’s neck.” Unambiguous.

The First Crack in the Story

In Summation

Did Gianforte intentionally trip Ben Jacobs, or shove him? Unknown. One thing I do know, if the reporter wasn’t put in the hospital, it wasn’t serious. If it wasn’t serious, Ben Jacobs is a liar. SINCE he’s a liar question everything about the story.

Did something happen? Yes. A Republican running for office, an American, had his space violated by a foreign reporter. How do I know? Because: if I can grab you, you’re too fucking close. BACK UP- RESPECT AMERICAN SPACE.

Is there any justification for touching someone in your space? YES. No one has the right to violate another’s space. In America, that’s arms length.

Remember the Michelle Fields nonsense?

Anyway, on first glance this appears to be another fake news story attempting to sway an upcoming election, I don’t think it will.


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