Putin Offers Criminal Comey Asylum In Russia

Posted: June 15, 2017 in FRONT PAGE


Disgraced and defrocked James Comey is a criminal, a liar, a leaker, and a weak man. He was fired for incompetence but was also fired for being a political hack. During his most recent testimony before congress, we also discovered Comey is a criminal. Comey:

  • admitted under oath to leaking classified information for personal gain. (All private conversations with POTUS are by their very nature classified.)
  • admitted under oath that POTUS Trump was never under investigation – (therefore obstruction could not be a motive.)
  • lied under oath about private conversations he had with Trump. (A nonsense claim that bold outspoken Trump was ambiguous with his words. Does this pass the smell test? If Trump says something it’s CLEAR what he means.)
  • admitted under oath he was too timid and weak to be the director of the FBI. (Too afraid to say simply, “I can’t talk about that Mr. President.”)
  • admitted under oath he was actually pressured by Obama to obstruct justice during the Clinton email probe, yet had no problem obeying that guidance.

Now, the deep state globalist traitors are funneling big laundered payoff money into the Comey account under the guise of a book deal. Really? 10 million dollars for a single book? That’s more money than nearly all the top authors in the world earned in 2016 for royalties on many books. (Steven King – who’s published 54 novels and has had many movie deals – earned total of 15 million last year.)


The deep-state globalist traitors want a new cold war with Russia – among other goals – they are willing to commit crimes to accomplish this. Luckily Putin sees through their nonsense and – as a joke – has offered the criminal Comey asylum. It would be funnier if it weren’t so sad.

Had enough of the swamp yet? I have. DRAIN IT POTUS! How about proposing a bill that keeps criminal political hacks who’ve been disgraced and fired from receiving any compensation from dubious sources?

Is Washington DC the only place in the world where treasonous criminal behavior can get you fired then paid? Nice scam.

How about fired, prosecuted, then PUNISHED?


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