TERRORISM: The USS Fitzgerald Was The Victim of Islamic Terrorism

Posted: June 18, 2017 in FRONT PAGE
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In this blog post I will prove:

  • The damage the USS Fitzgerald sustained was done with human intent – it happened on purpose. 100% chance.
  • The USS Fitzgerald purposely rammed the ACX Crystal. 100% chance.
  • The act was committed by a Muslim terrorist, at least one, in the employ of the U.S. Navy. 95% chance.

Have I got your attention? Good.

The Actors:


The ACX Crystal: Length: 730 FT. Tons: 40k. Speed: 25 Knots.


The USS Fitzgerald: Length: 505 FT. Tons: 9k. Speed: >30 Knots. Notice the top speed is unknown because it is probably classified information.

The important thing to know from these stats is the USS Fitzgerald:

  • Is faster, smaller, and far more maneuverable.
  • Is heavily armed.
  • Has sophisticated radars for tracking things in the sky, and on the sea.
  • Has sophisticated sonar for tracking things below the sea.
  • Has the ability with these radars to actually shoot missiles from the sky, and to track sophisticated and stealthy enemies.

The ACX Crystal:

  • Designed to move in a straight line. Like a train. Not designed to be maneuverable.
  • Has enough radar to avoid hitting things that are behaving logically.

The Grid:

10,000 Sq Miles – 100 Miles by 100 Miles.
Imagine an empty parking lot the size of a good sized city:


Each block represents 10 square miles. Place the USS Fitzgerald in the bottom right corner, the ACX Crystal in the top left corner. Begin here.

The radar system on the USS Fitzgerald became aware of the ACX Crystal at least 100 miles before the two ships collided. The ACX Crystal moves at 28 miles an hour. The USS Fitzgerald had 3.5 hours to move to where the ACX Crystal was not going to be if that was her intent. It wasn’t.

Game The Scenarios Out:

This is not a game, brave men are dead. Gaming, used in this context, means to imagine all plausible scenarios. Since most have never piloted a ship, lets use two objects we are all familiar with: an eighteen wheeler representing the slow moving, hard to maneuver ACX Crystal and a minivan representing the more nimble, agile, and faster USS Fitzgerald.

Scenario 1: A terrible accident. We’d all like to believe that; start there. Imagine having super-eyesight – the ability to see 100 miles in any direction. Imagine controlling a minivan in an empty parking lot 100 miles X 100 miles. Imagine an eighteen wheeler driving in a straight line towards you at 28 mph. In 3.5 hours the two will meet. Is there any scenario where the minivan could not avoid the eighteen wheeler?

Scenario 2: The eighteen wheeler is driven by an idiot. No help here, the minivan still has the advantage in sight, speed, and maneuverability. Even if the eighteen wheeler is driving erratically, 3.5 hours would be way more than enough time for the minivan to avoid the eighteen wheeler.

Scenario 3: Both the eighteen wheeler and the minivan are driven by idiots. Again, because of the long range vision by the minivan a collision would not be possible even in this scenario. Idiots are not suicidal.

Scenario 4: Radars on both ships out. And both ships piloted by idiots. Both the eighteen wheeler and the minivan are relatively blind at this point – visibility down to only a few miles. Keep in mind large ships successfully navigated the oceans for many years without radar. Think bright lights. Think radios, cell phones. In this highly unlikely scenario, the minivan can still avoid the eighteen wheeler easily.

Scenario 5: The eighteen wheeler is driven by a terrorist. Nice. Mohammad has a cargo ship. A terrorist driven eighteen wheeler moving at 28 miles an hour vs a minivan armed with rockets. Nope. In 3.5 hours the minivan could avoid the eighteen wheeler without firing a shot. If the eighteen wheeler was getting too close, and the minivan refused to move, it could blow up the terrorist eighteen wheeler as a last resort.

After gaming all other scenarios, only one plausible scenario remains – the minivan wants to hit the eighteen wheeler. It’s impossible otherwise. The eighteen wheeler is moving too slow to hit a faster and more nimble minivan that can see the eighteen wheeler coming for at least hundred miles – at least 3.5 hours notice. If the minivan wants to hit the eighteen wheeler that is definitely doable.


Why would the driver of the U.S.S Fitzgerald want to die and take others with him?

  • 95% chance Mohammad’s influence on the U.S.S Fitzgerald. Suicide ramming has become commonplace on land now a days, why not on the sea?
  • 5% disgruntled suicidal nut-job on the U.S.S Fitzgerald unrelated to Islam – could happen. Does happen. Less likely but still possible.

What do you think?




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