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Marina Abramovic, a modern day Aleister Crowley, who pens books on the occult, and for a fee will come to your house and conjure demons. She calls these satanic rituals “performances” Visa and MasterCard accepted.

A-lot-a chatter about the Wiki-leaks revelation that John Podesta was invited to Marina’s home, with friends, for one of her rituals. Podesta, Hillary’s closest advisor, is deep into the occult… I don’t mean crystals and candles, I mean dark Aleister Crowley rituals: sex magick, semen, breast milk, blood drinking, animal sacrifices- really nasty, twisted shit.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?


Doesn’t surprise me.

You can dive deeper into this rabbit-hole, following my links below: Warning DARK STUFF…

Or just share this post with a Hillary supporter; have fun; move on.

Personally, I don’t think this story will make a difference, anyone who supports Hillary Clinton is corrupt, evil, and has no soul anyway.

The tweet that started it all….


Of course demons, spirits, rituals, etc. are not real; Marina, some will claim, is just a “performance artist.”

Is a stripper a stripper? Or an “exotic dancer”?

Is a prostitute a prostitute? Or a “paid escort”?

This is a real story folks: don’t be naive.






Super PACs, (unlike the candidates they back,) are allowed to raise unlimited money from individual large donors, but there is a caveat: the national campaign is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN from coordinating or even communicating with their Super PACS.

An individual may give a maximum of: $2,700 per election to a Federal candidate or the candidate’s campaign committee.

Hillary did more than “coordinate” with a Super PAC; according to this video, Hillary Clinton flaunted the law; was illegally communicating with her Super PAC daily: floating ideas, AND giving direct orders.

Do you get it?

Individuals are not allowed to give more than $2700 directly to a campaign; if a campaign illegally has direct control of a Super PAC, that violates the letter and intent of the law: (to limit the political power of large-donor douchebags like George Soros.)

This is a criminal conspiracy.

This is a direct threat to our Republic.

This is election RIGGING.

A campaign willing to flaunt the law, ILLEGALLY in direct control of unlimited financial resources, (from a few large donors,) is a threat to every American.



70% of White Women Do NOT Support CROOKED Hillary Clinton.

White women are the largest, most-powerful voting block in the United States; Hillary is a white woman; white women know Hillary Clinton’s full of shit.

If you’re a white woman who supports Donald Trump know this: YOU’RE NOT ALONE!,SEX:2/dates/20160901-20161021/type/week